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Roxanne’s Revenge Looks Like It’s A Total Lie

If you happened to have read last week’s post about ’80s rapper Roxanne Shante, who used a loophole in her contract with Warner Bros to get them to pay $217K for her PhD from Cornell, your heart was probably warmed. So you better sit down. I’m not quite sure how to say this but, uh, turns out that the story looks like it isn’t actually true. Slate.com dug a little deeper and found out that (a) Warner never had a contract with Roxanne; her contract was with Cold Chillin’ records (b) Roxanne never got a PhD and was not enrolled at Cornell and (c) she isn’t currently licensed to practice psychology in the state of New York as she’d claimed. The site’s reporter tracked down Roxanne, whose real name is Lolita Shanté Gooden. She stuck by her story, saying that she enrolled at Cornell under an alias because of a domestic violence situation and that she’s not sure who exactly paid her student bills. “Hip-hop paid for my education, kept me from going to the streets,” she repeated. But it sure looks like she might have told some fibs here. [Slate] Keep reading »

Roxanne’s Revenge: Former Hip-Hop Artist Doesn’t Get Angry, She Gets A PhD

Some stories make me want to run through the streets screaming “Take that ‘the man’!” This is one of them. Before Salt-N-Peppa were pushin’ it and Lil’ Kim was blowing your mind with her dirty bird lyrics, Roxanne Shante was blowing up the airwaves with her single “Roxanne’s Revenge.” She was just 14 at the time (it was 1984), and even though the song was a hit and her future looked promising, she didn’t achieve the same fame and fortune as the female hip-hoppers that followed in her footsteps. After some shady business (lying, stealing her royalties, the usual) with her record label, Warner Brothers, she realized that they were slippery bastards. By 19, she was a bitter has-been—a broke teenage mother living in the projects. But Roxanne decided to truly get revenge when she found a life-saving clause in her contract, which stated that the record label would fund her education for life. Keep reading »

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