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Quickies!: A Woman Sues Her Ex Over Cancelled Wedding…And Wins!

A woman sued her ex for canceling their wedding and was awarded $150,000. [Tango] According to the Durex Global Sex Surveys, only 32 percent of women always climax during sex. [Daily Bedpost] Take a look at these boho-chic summer fashions inspired by Mamma Mia. [] If you ditch your…
By: Annika Harris / July 30, 2008

Crave: Sharpies, A Simple Heart Ring, And A Poster With An Important Reminder

If you need a gift for the person who has everything, personalize a Sharpie. Dirty words aren’t permitted, but we know you'll find a way around that restriction. [] You can barely tell that this ring has a heart hidden on it--perfect for a secret lover. [DesignBoom] Getting involved with a roommate usually…
By: Catherine Strawn / January 25, 2008
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