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“Sleepless In Austin” Single Dude Romeo Rose Shares His Racism, Nuttery On HuffPost Live (NSFW)

romeo rose
Romeo Rose Speaks

This HuffPost Live interview with Romeo Rose —the guy behind “Sleepless In Austin,” a blog offering money to someone who can introduce him to a woman who fits his absurd list of racist, slut-shaming requirements — doesn’t just have me wondering why this one person is sucking up so much media attention with his opinions on why he doesn’t want “a fat woman” and “the skin color of black is not pretty.” I’m also starting to feel uncomfortable that there’s actually something wrong with him … like Kony 2012 Jason Russell naked-public-meltdown wrong with him. I’m not totally sure Romeo Rose, vile and offensive as he is, is self-aware enough to realize he’s the joke here.  He seems utterly sincere in this interview — which, by the way, is filled with racist, offensive shit towards the end and NSFW — in a way that’s, frankly, sad. Watching this trainwreck is starting to feel Hugo Schwyzer-esque.  The interviewer, Caitlyn Becker, composed herself pretty well during this, but I’m inclined to think Romeo Rose’s next conversation should be with some good doctors.  [Huffington Post]

Gee, I Wonder Why The Man Behind “Sleepless In Austin” Is Still Single

larry busby sleepless in austin

I am desperately hoping Sleepless In Austin — allegedly the work of a photographer named Larry Busby who goes by the name Romeo Rose — is a prank.

But given that he’s offered $1,500 as a “finder’s fee” for the person who finds him a girlfriend and an extra $1,000 if it leads to marriage, this miiiight be serious.

Now, we could all use a little extra scratch. Shouldn’t be so hard to find some bro in Austin a lady, right? Well, let’s take a look at Larry Busby’s dating requirements! Keep reading »

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