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Jason Schwartzman And Roman Coppola Star In This “Videogram About Love”

"Moonrise Kingdom"
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Wes Anderson Slow-Mo
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Jason Strips Down
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What's the least romantic valentine you can get?

Psssst — if you’re only going to watch one video on the Internet today, make it this one. I don’t know who goes about their day thinking, “I’m only going to watch one video on the Internet today,” but maybe it’s you. I could probably benefit from a rule like that myself, come to think of it. Anyway! Jason Schwartzman, outstanding actor (R.I.P. “Bored to Death”), musician by way of Coconut Records, and all-around cool person teamed up with his cousin, who just so happens to be Roman Coppola, director, producer, writer, actor, son of Francis Ford Coppola, and co-conspirator of Wes Anderson (these people kill me; can you tell?) on this little video for offbeat high-style site NOWNESS (click, it’s cool!). Keep reading »

We Like This Wes Anderson And Roman Coppola Directed Stella Artois Commercial

Young auteurs everywhere violently dislike (read: envy) directors Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola, and surely this new commercial for Stella Artois beer directed by both will make their filmmaker heads explode. The premise is pretty sly. A dashing dude brings home a cute girl to whom he shows off his super cool bachelor pad. Only everything goes terribly wrong when he leaves her alone, and she gets her hand on his remote controller. We like it all, but the ending. Girls are better than beer. Keep reading »

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