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“The Dating Game” Killer Gets Even Creepier

Last month we wrote about a guy who could put you off dating game shows for good. Rodney Alcala appeared on an episode of “The Dating Game.” At the time of filming, Alcala had already been charged with the rape of an 8-year-old girl, which says a lot about the show’s screening process. Shortly after the show aired, Alcala went on to kill a 12-year-old, which he was arrested for in 1980. It wasn’t until this year that authorities figured out Alacala was responsible for killing four more women. Now they are worried that he might have killed many more before his arrest. Police believe that Alcala, who was a photographer, may have taken photos of the women he killed. When he was arrested, they found a stash of hundreds of photos, some suggestive, that Alcala had taken over his career. At the time, they didn’t realize they could be evidence. So they’ve just recently released these photos to the public, hoping it will help solve several cold cases and disappearances. Keep reading »

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