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You Know You Want To Watch Jennifer Lawrence Admit To Smoking Crack

You Know You Want To Watch Jennifer Lawrence Admit To Smoking Crack
"Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine..."

Will we ever come down from our Rob Ford high? Here’s the crack-smoking Toronto mayor’s admission speech, as performed by Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill, Martha Stewart, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Vince Vaughn, in the style of a Ken Burns’ documentary. [Buzzfeed]

Of Course There’s A Rob Ford Porn Parody

Of Course There's A Rob Ford Porn Parody
"Sometimes a man needs to eat out."

I enjoy pornography, but I am having a hard time imagining a porn I am less interested in watching than this XXX parody of the Rob Ford scandal. Ford, of course, is the crack-smoking mayor of Toronto who famously told a crowd of reporters that he has enough pussy to eat at home. But in this porn parody, “Ford” admits that “sometimes a man needs to eat out.” You can see the full 26+ minutes of icky NSFW action here, but the snippet above is SFW and hilarious. Killer Chris Farley impression, truly. [via The Daily Dot]

Ron Burgundy Singing About Rob Ford Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

"Anchorman 2"!
Ron Burgundy announced "Anchorman 2" on "Conan." Read More »
Meet "The Knife Guys"!
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Be My BF: Will Ferrell
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Stay Classy, Rob Ford.

Will Ferrell paid a visit to “Conan” last night in character as everyone’s favorite classy news anchor, Ron Burgundy. ┬áRon is a big fan of Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford — whose got more than enough pussy to eat at home — and couldn’t help but serenade us with an endorsement of Rob’s campaign. I am choking from the laughter. [Team Coco]

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