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The Life And Times Of The World’s Richest Women

Susanne Klatten, an heiress to the BMW fortune, may be the 68th richest person in the world, but her life hasn’t been so peachy lately. The German mama of three had a two-month affair with a creep named Helg Sgarbi, who secretly videotaped many of their encounters. Then he and several buddies blackmailed her, demanding $1.13 million and a BMW X5 each or else they would release the tapes. Rather than give these jerks the money, Klatten decided to take her case to the police and risk it going public. A few days ago, the police set up a sting operation, convincing the conspirators that Klatten was handing over the money and cars. Then they arrested the skanky dudes. [Bloomberg]

Interestingly, there aren’t so many billionairesses in the world. And many of them have equally fascinating stories that read more like soap operas than real life. Read on to learn more of the intriguing tid-bits about the world’s richest ladies. Keep reading »

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