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14 Reasons Richard Simmons’ Instagram Feed Is Everything

I’ve been a Richard Simmons fan since I bought the “Sweating To The Oldies” VHS box set at Costco when I was 9. If he had an Instagram feed at that time, I would have been bathed in it. But he has one now and in my opinion, it’s the only celebrity IG feed you need to follow. In case you’re not up to date on the TheWeightSaint’s photographic musings, I urge to get caught up right away. Spoiler alert: there are wigs, there is glitter and there are parrots. Click through to see more reasons why Richard Simmons’ Instagram feed is beyond fabulous.

To Celebrate The Emmys, Richard Simmons Cosplayed As Daenerys Targaryen

There is really nothing I can say about how Richard Simmons—who, in addition to being a pop culture fitness icon, co-starred in one of the best “Whose Line Is it Anyway?” sketches ever, just FYI—took to Twitter during the Emmys to post pictures of himself cosplaying as characters from “Game of Thrones”, “Breaking Bad”, “American Horror Story”, and “Behind the Candelabra”. Literally nothing. My brain is just going ??!?!??!??!??!?!. It’s so beautiful. Read more at The Mary Sue…

The Prancercise Lady Is Not The Least Bit Embarrassed By Her Camel Toe

It's a fitness exercise and a spiritual practice. Watch »
John Mayercise
John Mayer's New Music Video, Featuring Prancercise Guru, Joanna Rohrback
John Mayer's new music video feat. the Prancercise lady. Read More »
Prancercise Lady Talks About Her Camel Toe

“Embarrassed? If my camel toe doesn’t embarrass me, why would [anything]? I’m not embarrassed at all! … Haters gonna hate … I don’t pay attention to the neighsayers … Get it? N-E-I-G-H. It doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve always been special, and now all these people are finally noticing it. And I just wanna tell ‘em, ‘What took you so long?’”

– Joanna Rohrback on refusing to be embarrassed by her camel toe, a term she admits she was unfamiliar with at the time her Prancercise video went viral. The Broward/Palm Beach New Times, those lucky bastards, landed a full-length interview with the the very private exercise guru, whose specialness I never questioned. The must-read piece contains so many wonderful nuggets, but I think my favorite were sound bytes from Richard Simmons who described Rohrback as moving “like Judy Garland walking down the yellow brick road,” adding  “If she was here, I’d do her nails.” [Broward Palm Beach New Times]


Keep Your Damn Car Off Richard Simmons’ Foot!

His Poor Foot
Richard Simmons is a king!

There is a reason why Richard Simmons has been a long-time hero of mine. (We sweated to the oldies together back when I was a fat kid.) Watch how Richard deals when a man in a Lexus runs over his foot. The man is a fucking king. I would have thrown a hissy (using that word purposefully because it was popular back in my Richard days). Was that man sleeping behind the wheel? Did he not see Richard’s hair? Long live King Simmons. [Dlisted]

This Guy Gives Richard Simmons A Run For His Money

Mohammad Khordadian is a classically trained Iranian ballet dancer. He’s also the Middle East’s version of Richard Simmons — wearing a stripey tank top and barking aerobics orders in Farsi with aplomb. So yeah, we pretty much love him. [Have You Seen This?] Keep reading »

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