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Would You Wear … Saddle Shoes?

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Sequined Shorts
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Feather Hair Extensions
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When these pink patent leather saddle shoes popped up on my Pinterest feed (try saying that five times fast!), I loved them in spite of myself. I’m pretty sure the last time I wore saddle shoes was third grade picture day, but oh man, now I’m dreaming about pairing them with dark skinny jeans and chunky cardigans. These babies have been popping up in Spring fashion magazines too, so what do you guys think? Would you wear saddle shoes? Or should this particular style of footwear be confined to elementary class photos? [“Odette” Saddle Shoes, $76, Bass]

Awesome Affordable Etsy Find: Elk O’Clock

I’ve never seen anything quite like this elk bracelet. Everything about it — from the the rhinestone face to the majestic antlers and four chunky gold chains encircling the wrist — is so delightfully strange. Wear it with your sweet sundresses to hit up parties and concerts this summer. Not only will it add a dose of bling to your outfit, I’m sure you could use those antlers as a weapon if things got out of hand. [$7.80, cutecharmjewelry] Keep reading »

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