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“The Office”‘s “Seasons Of Love” Tribute To Michael Scott

I haven’t been a loyal watcher of “The Office” in a few seasons, but that didn’t stop me from totally tearing up while watching this tribute to Michael Scott from last night’s episode. My high school choir (I was not a member) sang “Seasons of Love” from “Rent” at my high school graduation and, damn, does that tune tug at the heartstrings (even when the lyrics are ridiculously altered). Next week is Steve Carell’s last episode — will you be watching? Keep reading »

Don’t Buy Maternity Wear — Rent It!

Expecting mothers everywhere can rejoice in the fact that instead of purchasing a brand-new wardrobe to accommodate that growing belly, it’s now possible to simply rent maternity wear! No one really wants to spend money on clothes that they’ll quite possibly only wear a few times before they’ve outgrown them — especially clothes that are slightly dowdy and oversized. That’s where Rent Maternity Wear comes in. It’s fashioned after sites like Rent the Runway, which lets women borrow high-end designer clothes. Casual wear is priced at $35 for the week, while more formal wear will cost around $70, but the dry cleaning bill and shipping fees are included! The wares available at Rent Maternity Wear include designer pieces from Fierce Mamas by Christian Siriano, Olian Maternity and Maternal America, ensuring that stylish ladies with a bun in the oven will still have money in their pockets after giving birth. [LA Times] Keep reading »

Make Like A Celeb And Adorn Yourself With Rental Jewelry

By now you’ve probably checked out sites like Rent the Runway, where you can borrow a designer dress for a special evening instead of shelling out hundreds/thousands of a dollars on an item that you’ll wear once. Finally, someone realized that a dress is not the only piece of clothing needed for a fancy evening! Now, to pair with your rented dress, you can borrow fine jewelry as well, thanks to Adorn.com. They’ve made it simple and stress-free to find the perfect gems to match with your outfit. Register, go shopping, and request your favorites. Each piece will be delivered to your house two days before your event, and shipping is free–which includes jewelry insurance–so all you have to pay for is the rental fee. Now you can almost feel like a celebrity (although you know those lucky actresses don’t pay a thing for the gems they rent for the red carpet). [She Finds] Keep reading »

Want To Drop 12 Pounds?

Rent, don’t buy, ladies! Why is everyone always in such a huge rush to buy, buy, buy, anyway? It’s like once you own your own place you are one of the anointed few in adulthood. Well, a study out of University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School will make you rethink your down-payment savings plan: Researchers found that women who own their home weigh 12 pounds more on average than women who rent. Keep reading »

Broadway Bids Rent Adieu

Musical Theater buffs, break out the Kleenex. After nine hundred thirty thousand, one hundred eighty minutes the curtain is closing on Rent. Nearly 12 years ago the rock version of Puccini’s La Boheme opened on Broadway to both critical and mass acclaim — the story about AIDS in the 1990′s deeply resonated with crowds all over the world. Sadly poetic, the musical’s creator, Jonathan Larson, died of the disease just two weeks before the play debuted. It went on to win four Tony Awards, including best musical, and the Pulitzer Prize, and inspired hundreds of tourists to descend upon the East Village on top of tour buses. The final show will be June 1st. So we wonder what iconic yet youthful musical will replace Rent on-stage? Perhaps a Britney-fied musical version of Madame Bovary? [NY Times] Keep reading »

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