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Six Signs That Your Relationship Is Over

Every relationship is different. And sometimes it seems like there’s no rhyme or reason to the tendency of couples to split. But there are several common warning signs that can be used to gauge whether your temporarily rocky relationship will be over in the near future. Keep reading »

Quickies!: Dating A Baby Daddy Is Pure Insanity

  • Would you ever date a baby daddy? Been there, done that. You’ll never come first! [College Candy]
  • Artists seem to understand what we women can’t. We come in diversely beautiful body types. Check out this slideshow of the female form in art and get over the self-hate, ladies. [Asylum]
  • Here’s one woman’s tale of what happens to your body two years after weight-loss surgery. [Shine]
  • You think you’re giving constructive criticism. He calls it nagging. We really are from different planets, aren’t we? [Tango]
  • Do you have a guidebook to your heart? You and your obscure demands may be keeping you from true love online. [Daily Bedpost]
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    How To Know When It’s Really, Truly, Irreconcilably *Over*

    I remember the end with a daunting visual and emotional clarity that is sometimes even accompanied by a distinctly palpable nausea. We were lying in bed one overcast afternoon, the bed we’d shared for years, the bed that had actually lived against a different wall when we first met, the bed with the creaky mattress that necessitated a trip to Sleepy’s, whereas there was no store where we could purchase a salve for our dying relationship. Annihilated by that particular form of fatigue that results from an exhausted argument for which there is no solution, we drowsed in and out of sleep. At one point I felt that very bed lift, as if suspended by an unseen platform, and to my left I could see a coursing, churning brook, and to my right, a dried up riverbed. As I caught myself falling to that side I jolted awake, felt him sleeping next to me, and tried to insinuate myself beneath his heavy arm. He too awoke with a start, and then rolled over to turn away from me. All the glassy looks, the distant conversations and the poison tongued exchanges suddenly seemed inconsequential compared to this very concrete action, proof that it was indeed over. Keep reading »

    Bathroom Break

    From washin’ up to makeup, every lady takes her time in the bathroom. And while we at The Frisky think Brenda Dickson’s two-hour per day regimen seems crazy, a woman in Kansas has topped the soap opera diva with two years! Although she wasn’t exactly trying to be glamorous with her sweatpants around her knees and all her meals being brought to her, the 35-year-old simply refused to leave her boyfriend’s bathroom. Eventually, her skin grew around the toilet seat and it took a crowbar to set her free. “She was not glued. She was not tied. She was just physically stuck by her body,” Ness County Sheriff, Brian Whipple, said. “It is hard to imagine. … I still have a hard time imagining it myself.” While we try to block that mental picture out of our heads, the woman is finally receiving medical treatment. She had initially made a stink when her boyfriend decided to call for help, but we’re sure he did the right thing for his #1 who was treating herself like #2. [Earthlink] Keep reading »

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