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Relationship Novice: Moving (Your Stuff) In

When you first start dating someone, it usually involves a lot of eating, drinking, and late-night book reading sessions. At the end of all those dates, you normally decide whose place to go to. If you’re like me, and have a roommate (and a railroad apartment), you end up staying at his place. But, after about a dozen times staying over, you realize that the new “bedhead” look you’re sporting to work isn’t looking so hot. Plus, there’s only so many ways you can wear his dress-shirts. (Preppy Wednesday and Friday?)

There comes a point where you aren’t ready to move in yet, but you want to make your stays over there as effortless as possible. Using your boyfriend’s toothbrush and shave gel is romantic for awhile, but if your legs are dry and your teeth are crying for home, it’s time to set up shop. So when do you start making his place your home away from home? Keep reading »

The Relationship Novice: How To Not Lose Your Friends

Being in a relationship can be a habit-changing experience. Your Friday nights scoping out the bar scene with your single friends has morphed into romantic dinners or movie night with your new boyfriend. So, how do you balance your new love life with your old social life? And most importantly, how do you not lose your friends?

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule: Scheduling “life” can be boring as hell…but as you get older and have more important people in your life, you realize it’s a necessary evil. Seeing your boyfriend on Friday night? Then schedule some much needed girl time on Saturday night. Is he doing something sweaty and active on Sunday (can we come??), then plan a girl brunch with lots of mimosas. But what happens if you live together? The same rules apply! If he has a standing date with the brahs to watch Monday night football at a bar, then make it girl’s potluck dinner at the love nest. Think of it as scheduling tango. Keep reading »

Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Moving In Together

It’s almost August 1…which means a couple things. One, I need to return that skirt I just bought or I’ll be broke at rent time. And two, leases are coming to an end, which means more and more couples will take the plunge and move in with each other.

As someone who just took the plunge and moved in with her boyfriend for the first time, I can tell you it’s everything it’s cracked up to be. It’s fun, convenient, cost-effective, and the next logical step in our relationship. But how are you supposed to know when it’s the right time? Keep reading »

The Relationship Novice: 5 Things To Know Before Committing

When two people first start dating, they put on their best sides. They reveal only snippets of information to each other, leaving the full story for when the person really gets to know them. Basically, we wait until we have them tangled in our web of niceties to crush them with the sad truth that we are really an awful, despicable person.

All kidding aside, there are some serious issues you need to figure out before you make the plunge and change your Facebook status from “Single” to “In a Relationship.” Here’s a look at 5 potential dealbreakers, and how to spot them. Keep reading »

The Relationship Novice: When To Go Dutch

Pesky money. It ALWAYS seems to be an issue in life. If it weren’t, I can guarantee you I would quit my day job. I’d pack up my bags, hop on my free flight to Paris, (because in this fantasy world, money doesn’t exist) and spend my days roaming the streets for cheese and wine. Since this clearly is not the case, I sit all day in a 5 x 5 cubicle staring at gross aluminum lights until 5 p.m. rolls around. (This sounds pretty depressing when I type it out. Truth be told … it is.)

Some women seem to think that “dating” a guy means they’ve got a free meal ticket. For every breakfast/lunch/dinner date, these girls think the guy should always pay … and keep paying. Keep reading »

Relationship Novice: The Ex-Files

Unless you started your new relationship as a virgin, chances are you have some semblance of an “ex.”

So what happens to all the “exes” when you get into a serious relationship? Are they like the Junior absorbency tampons in your multi-pack, destined to go unused for all your menstruating days? And what if you’ve actually developed a “friendship” with this feminine Q-tip? Well, the answer is harsh…but simple. Once you get into a serious relationship, your ex “friends” are going to fade away, and they should. Here’s my rationale: Keep reading »

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