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9 Totally Respectable Holiday “Regifts”

Holiday Gift Guide
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Some of us spend weeks planning our holiday gift shopping. Some of us make extensive lists and go on multiple shopping outings. And others of us wait until Christmas day to ransack our homes looking for something, anything, we can do without. Then we wrap it in emergency tissue paper we keep under the sink. Ok, I confess. I am a chronic regifter. I suppose I could blame it on busy-ness, lazy-ness, or poor-ness. But I won’t. There was a time in my life when I bought holiday gifts. But that time has passed. I haven’t gone holiday shopping in years. I feel secure in the knowledge that I show my loved ones how much they mean to me year-round. So why get all extravagant with gifts just because the season dictates it? Still, it’s nice to show up with a little something. After the jump, some totally respectable holiday regift ideas. Keep reading »

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