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“Bachelor Pad” Recap: Chris Forms A Dangerous Love Square

Bach Pad: Frenemies
Awkward hookups and frenemies on "Bachelor Pad." Read More »
Bach Pad: Dating Don'ts
You might not want to sketch a picture of your date. Watch »
Bach Pad: Missed Moments
"Bachelor Pad 3": The moments you missed. Read More »

Forget about love triangles. BORING. Monday night’s episode of “Bachelor Pad” involved a love square. How does one even get involved in a love square? Good question. Chris seems to have figured it out. As Sage Stagliano (who’s dubbed himself “coach” of the house) put it, “He’s going around starting lots of little fires in girls’ pants, and when you play with fire you’re gonna get burned.” That is correct, Michael. After the jump, how Chris managed to start a string of panty fires. Seriously, I don’t get what these girls find attractive about him. Keep reading »

“Small Town Security” Recap: God Don’t Make No Junk

Small Town Security Love
The second episode exposes a bizarre love triangle. Read More »
10 Reasons To Watch
Why we love "Small Town Security." Read More »
My Mother Is A Hoarder
An essay from a woman with a hoarder in the family. Read More »
"Why Are You Looking At Me Like That?"

I was too traumatized by last night’s “Breaking Bad” to watch “Small Town Security,” so apologies for getting this recap to you late. “Breaking Bad” is so stressful! But “Small Town Security” is like a sweet, soothing salve on the nerves. As long as you can handle all the uncomfortable sex talk.

And oh, what sex talk!

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“Bachelor Pad” Recap: Awks Hookups And Fighting Frenemies

Bach Pad: Missed Moments
"Bachelor Pad 3": The moments you missed. Read More »
Dating Dont: Bach Pad
You might not want to sketch a picture of your date. Watch »
Bachelor Pad 3!
Why we're excited. Read More »
Bachelor Pad Recap: Ed And Jaclyn's drunken hookup

Lots of spoilers alert. There are so many things we could talk about from last night’s episode of “Bachelor Pad.” Um, the “Hot Sludge Funday” complete with a “nut sack” and a cherry on top? Who thinks up these challenges and may I offer my services? Maybe a penis car wash would be fun? Or we could focus on Jamie’s complete emotional meltdown at the prom (we’ve all been there) and subsequent throwing of herself at Chris. “I just want to fall in love on TV and show my kids,” she gushed. We haven’t all been there. Jamie has officially succeeded in making me forget about that time on “The Bachelor” when she straddled Ben Flajnik and tried to kiss him. ‘Member that? Or how about that drunken Ed/ Jaclyn hookup. Where is it? I don’t have any underwear on. I see it. What are you going to do with it? Ed singing. What is your name again? You can watch their super-romantic hookup above. Jillian Harris must be saying a prayer of thanks at this moment. Keep reading »

Project Runway: And The Finalists Are…

The judges finally revealed on last night’s episode the three designers that will show their collections at Bryant Park. And as I suggested last week, Jerell was unfortunately auf’d. Despite my crush on Jerell, I have to admit that he deserved it. I would have been really embarrassed for him to seriously show his collection, which was more suited as a decoy. Although the final elimination was the big draw for me, the rest of the episode was equally exciting. Keep reading »

Project Runway: The Cop Out

Looks We Liked: Jerell’s Jewel Of A Dress; Leanne’s Soft Stunner

The designers had to create gowns inspired by photos taken at the New York Botanical Garden. There were a lot of tears on the runway this week, so I guess the producers decided to keep the drama flowing because the judges didn’t eliminate anyone this week. Instead, Heidi said the judges would wait until the collections were underway and would decide who goes to Bryant Park at that point. I didn’t think it was really a hard decision to make. They should have eliminated the designer that has only won one challenge on her own and who makes strikingly similar dresses each episode — Kenley! Keep reading »

Project Runway: I’m In Love With Jerell

Looks We Loved (From Left to Right): Jerell’s Pop-ified Kenley; Korto’s Punked-Out Suede

For this week’s challenge, the contestants had to design for each other based on a musical genre. Kenley created a hip-hop outfit for Leanne, who designed a country music outfit for Korto. Korto made a punk-inspired look for Suede. And Suede created a rock outfit for Jerell, who turned Kenley into a pop diva with his design. The drama popped off from the beginning of the episode, but most of it centered around Miss Bratty Kenley, which is how I realized I have a major crush on Jerell.
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