Way too many of the news stories we’ve heard in the last few years talk about rape cases as though the rapist has suffered more than the victim, which is beyond sickening. Which is what makes the new video from Above Average about a recovery center for rapists so great…READ MORE »


If you’ve been having a rough past few months watching the whole Brock Turner saga go down and are in desperate need of some levity surrounding the increasingly-depressing issue of sexual violence going unpunished, writer Ali Ozeri has gifted us with The 2016 College Rapist Calendar. READ MORE »

Love & Sex

Six days ago, a nicely-dressed man waiting on the platform for the 6 train zipped down his fly and exposed his penis to me. I turned around and hid behind the corner until I saw an officer and reported it. Once the subway arrived and rumbled downtown, my thoughts started to snowball. Though some may… READ MORE »


A gift from me to you, A Handy-Dandy Guide On Things Not To Do If You’re A Cop — Or Anyone — Talking To Women About Sexual Assault When A Serial Rapist Is Afoot:

Suggest that wearing a skirt, shorts, or dress is just asking for it.
That’s it.

Unfortunately,… READ MORE »


TJ Hoen MacKenzie, a convicted child rapist, recently won his third attempt to be reclassified as a lower-risk prisoner after medical treatments left him with a less raging libido. While MacKenzie still has a twig, his berries were plucked after being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2005. MacKenzie was arrested in 1991 for the rape… READ MORE »


One of the sites I read quite frequently is Jezebel. I wrote for them for a little while before I launched The Frisky and really respect them as a cool and smart site for women. Many of their posts I find to be laugh-out-loud funny and others make me think deeply about and even reconsider… READ MORE »