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Kurtis Peterson Gets 15 Years In Prison For Having Sex With His Dog

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You’d be better off raping a woman in Missouri than a dog in Michigan — at least according to the latest sentence handed down for convicted dog sex-haver Kurtis Peterson. Peterso, of Muskegon, Michigan, was caught — by the same woman! — having sex with his pet pit bull not once, but twice. Joyce Yeaw first caught Peterson in the act while attempting to return a key to Peterson’s roommate. He claimed he was just “hugging” the animal. She found him a second time having sex on the living room floor. (Joyce Yeaw doesn’t knock, I guess.)

During the case, Peterson admitted he was “sexually aroused from accidental contact with the animal’s rear,” but claimed that he was “just playing with the dog.” Fourteenth circuit judge Timothy J. Hicks, citing the high likelihood of Peterson reoffending, issued a sentence of one to 15 years — which is about what you’d get for raping a human in Michigan, too, and far more than the minimum sentences for rape in many other states. Then again, the pit bull probably wasn’t a stupid slut. Keep reading »

Court Overturns Rape Conviction Because 1872 Law Says Unmarried Women Can’t Get Raped

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An 18-year-old woman who was raped by her brother’s friend, who pretended to be the victim’s own boyfriend, has had her rape conviction overturned by a California appeals court because of a 1872 law that says unmarried women are not legally protected from sexual assault by “impostors.”

As the UK’s Independent describes, Julio Morales sexually assaulted the sleeping victim in 2009 after she fell asleep alongside her boyfriend in a bed. The boyfriend then got up out of bed and left the apartment; Morales witnessed him leave. Later on that night, Morales entered the room and began raping the victim (while she was still asleep, as he was convicted of “rape of an unconscious person,” according to USA Today). During the rape, the victim thought Morales was her boyfriend — until light from outside the bedroom door revealed his face. The victim “pushed him away” and “began to cry and yell.” Keep reading »

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