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Here’s Why You Won’t Be Able To Get That New Daft Punk Song Out Of Your Head

Ron Loves Daft Punk
An endless loop of Ron dancing to "Get Lucky." Read More »
Daft Punk Love Obama
The electronic duo support the president. Read More »
Got An Earworm?

Earworms. That’s what super catchy songs are sometimes referred to, because they burrow deep in your psyche and don’t let go. They become the soundtrack to whatever you’re doing — eating, shopping, working — and basically take over any spare brain space. Daft Punk’s new single “Get Lucky” is one of those earwormy tracks — an endlessly repeating riff featuring vocals from uber-charming Pharrell. The full length album, Random Access Memories, won’t be out in the states until May 21, but writer Alex Bailey deftly explains just what makes “Get Lucky” so compelling. Keep reading »

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