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Where To Meet Him: Quiet Parties

Yesterday while flipping though my new issue of Time Out New York I spotted a listing in the “Seek” section under the heading “Dating” that made me take pause. It was an announcement for a “Quiet Party,” a singles event where, get this, participants are not allowed to talk (I guess that’s one way to take care of rule #3…). Instead of speaking with each other, party guests are asked to write notes to each other, nonverbally flirt (rule #2!) and buy a minimum of two drinks (“Once this playful foundation mixes with a little alcohol, inhibitions disappear and notes begin to fly,” the website explains.). Hey, as far as I’m concerned, it beats screaming at each other over loud voices and thumping music in some bar. Plus, I’m all for anything that gives writerly word nerds a little edge. Keep reading »

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