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Quickies!: I’d Rather Be Single Than Sleep With A Non-Voter has great e-cards and banner ads that will shame your loved ones and friends into voting. [Daily Bedpost] Check out this remix of Jennifer Hudson's "Spotlight." [Popbytes] These comedians have style that's as funny as their jokes. [Asylum] Many couples take turns earning and learning and…
By: Annika Harris / September 29, 2008

Quickies!: Hateable Hipster Fashion Statements

Hipster fashions we love to hate! [Huffington Post] Artist Jonathan Yeo made a portrait of Paris Hilton using nothing but old porn magazines. [The Superficial] Lindsay Lohan is supposedly taking a restraining order out against father Michael. [New York Post]…
By: Annika Harris / September 26, 2008

Quickies!: The Only Thing Allowed To Pump In Court Is The Gavel

An Oklahoma judge was disbarred for using a penis pump in court. [CBS News] Lindsay Lohan's imaginary coming out convo. [Holy Taco] It looks like Brit-Brit stole Tyra's body for her album cover. Photoshop is one helluva drug. [Mediatakeout] Amy Winehouse's third album may not happen. Uh, big surprise.
By: Annika Harris / September 24, 2008

Quickies!: Dita Von Teese Shares Her Bras

Dita Von Teese launched her lingerie line for Wonderbra today in London. That's her swinging on a giant bra. [The Press Association] This "Spit or Swallow" viral video is misleading. [Daily Bedpost] Kanye West has teamed with Comedy Central for a show described as "hip-hop meets the Muppets." [The…
By: Annika Harris / September 23, 2008

Quickies!: Dating A Baby Daddy Is Pure Insanity

Would you ever date a baby daddy? Been there, done that. You'll never come first! [College Candy] Artists seem to understand what we women can't. We come in diversely beautiful body types. Check out this slideshow of the female form in art and get over the self-hate, ladies. [Asylum] Here's one…
By: Annika Harris / September 17, 2008

Quickies!: Kanye Locked Up, Shannen Doherty Leaves 90210, Spears Family Reunion

Kanye West and his bodyguard were arrested at LAX on suspicion of vandalism after an altercation with a photographer. Score one for Cali paps. [CNN]…
By: Annika Harris / September 11, 2008

Quickies!: What Were You Wearing The Last Time You Got Lucky?

An entire blog devoted to what you were wearing when you got laid. I am really, really into clothes and fashion, but I do not think I could recall such details. [Last Night's Clothes] Helen Mirren reveals in an upcoming issue of GQ that she was date-raped multiple times when she was i…
By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 1, 2008

Quickies!: Rachel Zoe Found Love Before She Was So Twig-like

Rachel Zoe met her husband when she was an undergrad and he was a grad student at George Washington University. [DearSugar] Apparently Axl Rose tried to put the moves on Kelly Osborne at a Hollywood party. Gross dude. [OK!] Doctors in the U.K. are pioneering a new cesarean technique that allow…
By: Catherine Strawn / August 28, 2008

Quickies!: How Do You Store Sex Toys?

Sex Toy Safety: Ever wonder what the proper way is to store your sex toys? [Daily Bedpost] A Loyal Mess: Two of your friends date, where do you fit in? [CollegeCandy] Sweat Stains are the Pits: Celebrities are just like us…famous celebrity sweat stains photos. [Asylum] Everyone’s Poor: The…
By: Leigh Raines / August 27, 2008

Quickies!: Sienna Miller’s Home Gets Tagged

Someone vandalized Sienna Miller's home by scrawling a word we retired by her front door. [Candy Kirby] Male porn stars actually have gripes about their jobs. [Tango] No one is immune to the summer scarf. [Shine] Credit cards are necessary, but you can avoid the debt trap.
By: Annika Harris / August 22, 2008

Quickies!: Cougar Den Guide

Check out your state's cougar dens. [Tango] Sex with an ex can be done, if you do it right. [College Candy] Stock your cabinet with these 25 beauty essentials and you'll be beautifully prepared for gorgeous days ahead. [] A sailor trod water for 12 hours after he wa…
By: Annika Harris / August 20, 2008

Quickies!: Disney Princesses Ruined My Love Life

Disney princesses create unrealistic expectations about love and relationships all while maintaining a search for "happily ever after." [College Candy] Testing for HPV is not nearly as straightforward as HIV or chlamydia. [Daily Bedpost] Here are the top 10 ways the environment can be blamed for your breakup. I've used #6.
By: Annika Harris / August 19, 2008

Quickies!: Give Yourself Awful School Yearbook Hair

See what you look like with really bad yearbook hair.We did! [YearbookYourself] Prince William adjusts himself. [Candy Kirby] Summer jobs can suck, but sometimes you get a little revenge, if only in the cyberspace. [College Candy] There are reasons for remaining child-free. Pregnancy is #1. [] Lot…
By: Annika Harris / August 18, 2008

Quickies!: Jennifer Aniston Closes The Chapter On Friends

Jennifer Aniston said she has closed the chapter on Friends, so there won't be a film. Now if only the rest of the world would too. [Pop Eater] Self-medication, anyone? Alcohol, candy and cigarette companies are reporting healthy sales, despite our economy. [Money.AOL] A woman who has never shown symptoms of…
By: Annika Harris / August 13, 2008

Quickies!: Lynne Spears Has Parenting Advice For You

The author of The Rules: Time-Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right got married! Again! [NY Times] Lynne Spears shares her vast knowledge of bringing up respectable and responsible young women in Through the Storm. [Candy Kirby] Lingerie for pregnant women in the United Kingdom is unacceptable. […
By: Annika Harris / August 11, 2008

Quickies!: Real Call Girls On The “Secret Diary Of A Call Girl”

Actual call girls discuss whether Showtime's Secret Diary of a Call Girl is realistic. [Tango] Tila Tequila will not do a third season of A Shot at Love. She will be truly missed...SIKE! [Tango] These top ten tips on having sex with a married man are not what you'd think. There'…
By: Annika Harris / August 8, 2008

Quickies!: Pics Of The Brangelina Twins Are Coming will reveal photos of Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline on Sunday. [Candy Kirby] Parents are seeking matchmakers to get their adult children out of the house for good. [Tango] Your marriage can still be sexy even if you have kids. [Tango] Many women are thinking ahead and freezing…
By: Annika Harris / August 1, 2008

Quickies!: 10 Sex Toys In Disguise

Here are 10 sex toys you don't have to hide in the nightstand. [Tango] According to some people, if you staple the upper cartilage of your pinna, the visible part of the ear, and then rub the staple three times a day, you will lose weight. Yeah, right! [College Candy]…
By: Annika Harris / July 31, 2008

Quickies!: A Woman Sues Her Ex Over Cancelled Wedding…And Wins!

A woman sued her ex for canceling their wedding and was awarded $150,000. [Tango] According to the Durex Global Sex Surveys, only 32 percent of women always climax during sex. [Daily Bedpost] Take a look at these boho-chic summer fashions inspired by Mamma Mia. [] If you ditch your…
By: Annika Harris / July 30, 2008

Quickies!: Panic Attack! I Dreamt I Was Pregnant

Dreaming that you're pregnant is usually a positive thing, and indicates that you're growing in your life or in a relationship. [Dear Sugar] Spend some time with your girlfriends, instead of your guy. Here are some ideas. [Dear Sugar] Here's the scoop on how to survive a verbal beat down from…
By: Annika Harris / July 28, 2008