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Quickies: Oprah Vs. Palin in November & Octomom’s Doc Gets Disbarred

Oprah will finally sit down with Sarah Palin on the Nov. 16 episode of her talk show. [What an awesome birthday present! -- Editor] [TrèsSugar] -- This is quite possibly the showdown of the century. "Real Housewife" Bethenny Frankel, who got engaged recently, admits she's pregnant after internet rumors started…
By: Xiomara Martinez-White / October 20, 2009

Quickies: Balloon Boy Falcon Heene’s Rap Video

The saga of Balloon Boy Falcon Heene continues with this video of him and his brothers rapping about "pussification." [The News Bizarre YouTube Channel] -- I suspect the alleged hoax was hatched after the dad realized his sons didn't have a future in music. Tim Gunn will make an appearance i…
By: Annika Harris / October 19, 2009

Quickies: Lindsay Lohan Gets Another Year Of Probation & Creepy Kids’ Book Authors

Lindsay Lohan's probation extension request has been granted by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge. Supposedly, Lindz has been too busy "working" to complete her substance treatment program. [NY Times] -- I couldn't resist the urge to use that photo again because it's priceless, and I didn't want any of you…
By: Annika Harris / October 16, 2009

Quickies: Anna Nicole Smith’s Sordid Death & Taylor Swift’s “SNL” Hosting Opp

Hearings have begun concerning Anna Nicole Smith's last painful days when she was too weak to walk and could only drink Pedialyte through a baby bottle. [L.A. Times] -- The more that's revealed about her story, the sadder and sorrier that it becomes. A road map for how women pick their Hallowee…
By: Erica Maxwell / October 15, 2009

Quickies: Leona Lewis Gets Slapped By A Fan, What’s The Reverse Mangina, & Much More

Leona Lewis was slapped by a "fan," who police have arrested, at her Dreams book signing. [PopEater] -- No one seems to know why he slapped her, but this will probably affect how close fans are allowed to get to her in the future. My theory is the fan got…
By: Annika Harris / October 14, 2009

Quickies: Jon Gosselin Is Forced To Give Back The Dough & A Health Care Reform Hurdle Cleared

Jon Gosselin has been ordered to return $180,000 in marital funds to Kate Gosselin by Oct. 26. If he doesn't give it back, he faces contempt charges. [MSNBC] U.K. Bartender Lloyd Gardner helps catch rapist, then donates his police reward to the victim. [Lemondrop] Note to, well, everyone: Nudity…
By: Xiomara Martinez-White / October 13, 2009

Quickies: The D.C. Sniper’s Intended Target Is Revealed & R. Kelly Can’t Read

Mildred Muhammad, the ex-wife of D.C. sniper John Muhammad, has written about her mentally and emotionally abusive relationship with him in Scared Silent. She says she was the intended target of his bloody rampage. [Lemondrop] Courtney Love has ditched her Twitter account just like Miley Cyrus. Love's account…
By: Annika Harris / October 12, 2009

Quickies: Rihanna Tells Jessica Biel She’s Not With Justin Timberlake & A Two-Headed Calf Is Born

Rihanna is rumored to have tracked down Jessica Biel's phone number in order to tell the actress that she is not with Justin Timberlake. [Your Tango] -- At least not yet, she isn't. Nah, but seriously, Rihanna is that fierce bitch that would cut you at a party and kee…
By: Annika Harris / October 9, 2009

Quickies: Megan Fox Is A Good Kisser & Nancy Pelosi Strikes Back

Amanda Seyfried dishes that Megan Fox, her "Jennifer's Body" co-star, is in fact a good kisser. [TMZ] -- News sure to induce groans from girlfriends across the nation. Miley Cyrus abruptly shut down her Twitter reportedly because her rumored boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, doesn't think she should have one…
By: Erica Maxwell / October 8, 2009

Quickies: The 5 Stages Of Relationships & The 100th Episode Of “How I Met Your Mother”

Relationships start out fun and full of laughs, but, eventually, they end in passive-aggressive battles. Which of the five stages of relationships are you in? [Maxim] A panel of judges has deemed the neck an intimate part of the body after Wahid Sene tried to have his conviction for breaking into a woman'…
By: Annika Harris / October 7, 2009

Quickies: A “Gossip Girl” Threesome & A Letterman Ratings Boon

"Gossip Girl" tried to get their freak on en masse for the Nov. 9 episode. [MSNBC] -- Menage a trois? OMFG! Judge Sonia Sotomayor made a talkative mark on the Supreme Court during her first day. [McClatchy] -- The SCOTUS member reportedly talked more today than Clarence Thomas ha…
By: Xiomara Martinez-White / October 6, 2009

Quickies: The Only Known Film Footage Of Anne Frank & Which Group Of Women Has The Most Sex?

The Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam recently released the only known video footage of Anne Frank. It was taken when a neighbor was getting married. [ TrèsSugar] -- I remember watching the film about her life in school and everyone cheered, boys included, when she finally kissed her boyfriend. Chris Rock…
By: Annika Harris / October 5, 2009

Quickies: Britney Spears Is Still Borrowing Her Sons’ Clothes & The Genius Failure Paradox

For some strange reason, Britney Spears thinks she should wear booty shorts with knee-high socks and sneakers. [Hollywood Tuna] -- Maybe she's decided to switch her career to soccer player. Bethenny Frankel of "The Real Housewives of New York City" has reportedly been replaced by socialite Sonja Morgan because Bethenny is supposedly getting…
By: Annika Harris / October 2, 2009

Quickies: The Paparazzi Made Kristen Stewart An Agoraphobe & Scientists Find New Missing Link

Kristen Stewart reveals to Interview how she is terrorized by paparazzi and afraid to leave her hotel room. [Popeater] National Review writer John Derbyshire spews crap about women's "baby batter" and turning back suffrage. [The Huffington Post] -- Hurrah, conservative misogyny! Dreamboats Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig's Broadway…
By: Erica Maxwell / October 1, 2009

Quickies: Oral Sex Makes A Man Feel Accepted & The Service Industry Is Oversexed

Your Tango got to the bottom of why men really enjoy oral sex. [Your Tango] -- You know, I expected the responses to be something like: "Duh, it feels good." But I can see how a man would feel accepted and even more intimate from fellatio. And that's not all! Men have nipples.
By: Annika Harris / September 30, 2009

Quickies: Khloe Kardashian’s Wedding Hair Cost A Few Thousand Dollars, Plus 5 Women Not To Befriend

Khloe Kardashian's wedding hair cost $4,500 plus a $500 tip even though there wasn't much to the 'do. [TMZ] -- Some women can't even afford $4,500 for their gown, much less hair. And all this for a wedding that might not have legally married the two. Olivia Wilde says she wa…
By: Annika Harris / September 29, 2009

Quickies: Kelly Bensimon Will Pose For Playboy

Kelly Bensimon of "The Real Housewives of New York City" is slated to appear in the December issue of Playboy. [Dlisted] -- Are lopsided breasts a fetish now? Villagers in the town of Pataudi near Delhi have accused Julia Roberts of interrupting one of their most important religious festivals,…
By: Annika Harris / September 23, 2009

Quickies: K-Fed Is Headed To “Celebrity Fit Club”

K-Fed is tired of being called K-OverFed, so he has officially signed on for next season of "Celebrity Fit Club." [TMZ] -- And he really could stand to lose a few pounds. Check out the photographic evidence. It's no secret musicians have a thing for models, so it's not a far stretch…
By: Annika Harris / September 22, 2009

Quickies: Mischa Barton Is Furious, Not Crazy & What’s The Polygamy Experience?

Mischa Barton is furious with tabloid writers for convincing people she's crazy. [Starpulse] -- You can't get much crazier than blaming a meltdown and a mental facility stay on wisdom teeth removal surgery. I'm just sayin'. Suri Cruise is only three years old, but she seems to already be experimenting with makeup.
By: Annika Harris / September 21, 2009

Quickies: Fergie Is Getting Sued For Copyright Infringement, Plus A 56-Year-Old Virgin

Fergie has been slapped with copyright infringement lawsuit by the little-known reggae group Groundation, which alleges she stole her song "Voodoo Doll" from a track they recorded earlier. [Starpulse] -- I can believe it. She totally stole Gwen Stefani's style. Alicia Keys threw boyfriend Swizz Beats a birthday party, and…
By: Annika Harris / September 18, 2009
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