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Gia Allemand Of “The Bachelor” Hanged Herself

Hola, Juan Pablo
Hola, Juan Pablo: The New "Bachelor" Is Actually Someone I Want To Bang!
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Watch "Big Brother"
4 Reasons You Should Watch "Big Brother"
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  • Yesterday, Gia Allemand, 29, from Jake Pavelka’s season of “The Bachelor” died after attempting to commit suicide on Monday. Sources said that Allemand hanged herself and was found by her boyfriend, Ryan Anderson, a player for the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans.  [US Weekly]
  • The first picture of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West out and about with baby North West has emerged — and of course it’s the nanny who is actually lugging the baby around. [TMZ]
  • Another woman has come forward about a past violent altercation with “The Butler” actor Terrance Howard. [PhillyMag]
  • Google Maps lets you explore the inside of the “Doctor Who” TARDIS! [TechCrunch]
  • New couple alert!  Justin Long and Amanda Seyfried are dating. [US Weekly] Keep reading »

Teresa & Joe Giudice Appear In Court, Plead Not Guilty To Fraud

Giudices Charged
Teresa Giudice Joe Giudice criminal charges tax evasion
Teresa and Joe Giudice are facing a whopping 39 criminal charges. Read More »
Diagnosing "RHONJ"
What is wrong with all these Housewives? Read More »
Joe Caught Cheating?
Joe Giudice's "caught cheating" video could be good for Teresa's career. Read More »
  • Something tells me Teresa Giudice would not appreciate her courtroom sketch. She and Juicy Joe pleaded not guilty to fraud charges today in New Jersey court. [PeopleTwitpic]
  • New couple alert? Will Arnett is dating celebrity chef (and Billy Joel’s ex) Katie Lee. Sorry, but The Frisky is firmly Team Amy in this divorce. [In Touch]
  • Justin Bieber posted a picture of himself on Instagram giving money to a homeless woman. How humble. [Crushable]
  • Sam Horowitz, the Bar Mitzvah dancing star, will appear at New York Fashion Week next month. Watch your back, Tavi. [Racked] Keep reading »

Tina Fey Headed Back To TV!

Tina Lashes Out
Tina Fey
Tina Fey told a photographer to go fuck herself. Read More »
Tina On Her Daughters
Tina Fey
She won't talk badly about her body in front of her two young girls. Read More »
Tina Vs. Taylor
Amy Poehler and Tina Fey
Taylor Swift is upset by a joke that Tina and Amy made at her expense. Read More »
  • … but this time, just as a producer. Fey is behind a “female-centered workplace project” for NBC about a young woman who lives on New York’s vacation community Fire Island. If Wikipedia is to be believed, Fire Island is where Tina Fey likes to vacation.  [Deadline Hollywood]
  • Is that a giant-ass engagement ring on Hayden Panettiere’s ring finger?  [TMZ]
  • Jennifer Aniston switched flights to avoid breathing the same first-class air as Angelina Jolie. A wise airline employee called one of Aniston’s assistants to warn her about the potentially awkward run-in. [Daily Mail UK]
  • Screw Kris Jenner’s talk show — Kanye West wants baby North West to make her grand debut on the cover of Vogue. “Clearly, trying to persuade Anna [Wintour] is going to be an uphill battle,” said a source. [Radar Online]
  • Reality TV’s Gia Allemand, who appeared on Jake Pavelka’s season of “The Bachelor” and on “Bachelor Pad,” has been hospitalized in New Orleans in critical condition for unknown reasons. [US Weekly] Keep reading »

Britney Spears Breaks For 99-Cent Stores

Fake Britney Cover
What If Britney Spears Covered Beyonce's "Grown Woman"?
You will laugh your ass off listening to this fake Britney/Beyonce cover. Read More »
Engagement Off
Britney Spears
Britney Spears and her fiance called off their engagement. Read More »
Why They Split
Both Britney and Jason have issued statements regarding the breakup. Read More »
  • Britney Spears loooves shopping at 99-cent stores, but also once got a $500 manicure, according to an expense report from her court-ordered conservatorship by her father. Brit Brit spent $7 million last year, but she earned $14 million total. So, she was actually kinda thrifty (for a rich person). [Page Six]
  • Wait, what?! HBO doesn’t show penises?! [How About We]
  • Here’s your “Nashville” season two promo — but warning, it’s supposedly got spoilers. [Crushable]
  • Kendrick Lamar’s verse on the Big Sean song “Control”  — which disses Lindsay Lohan, among others — is all anyone can talk about today. [Because it's AWESOME. -- Amelia] [TMZ] Keep reading »

John Mayer & Katy Perry Recorded A Cheesy Duet Together

John And Katy?
Katy Perry and John Mayer
John Mayer has slithered on to Katy Perry. Read More »
Katy Perry
Rumors say John Mayer hooks up with someone who isn't Katy Perry. Read More »
John Is A Jerk
john mayer
John Mayer confirms that he's a jerk. Read More »
  • Katy Perry and John Mayer have recorded a duet together, “Who You Love,” which is kinda more eyeroll-worthy than sweet. It’s all about how neither of them expected to fall in love with each other. Yeah, okay, whatever. The song will appear on Mayer’s upcoming album, which debuts next week. [US Weekly]
  • There’s video of Justin Bieber’s bodyguards getting into a shoving match outside a nightclub in the Hamptons this weekend. Supposedly it was all over a bowtie. [Crushable]
  • Kanye West bought two armored “super-SUV” vehicles to drive around Kim Kardashian and baby North at a cool $1.2 million each. Each SUV could withstand an attack from a rocket-propelled grenade. [Daily Mail UK]
  • Awkward scenes from “Breaking Bad” premiere parties. [Flavorwire]
  • The ShamWow guy, who’s also an ex-Scientologist, warned Leah Remini’s life may be in danger now that she’s left the Church. [ONTD] Keep reading »

Judge Drops Racial Discrimination Claims Against Paula Deen

Paula's Racism
Paula Deen racism
She allegedly paid black people in booze instead of money. Read More »
More Paula Racism
Paula Deen has jumped the racism shark
She wanted middle-aged black men to dress as "slaves." Read More »
Paula Deen Loses Book Deal
Paula Deen Dropped By Target
Her publishers have canceled her five-book publishing deal. Read More »
  • A Georgia judge threw out racial discrimination complaints against Paula Deen by a former employee, Lisa Jackson. Sexual harassment claims against Deen and her brother Bubba Hiers from the same lawsuit still exist. [People, TMZ]
  • Casey Wilson from “Happy Endings” and “Saturday Night Live” and June Diane Raphael from “Burning Love” have landed a pilot at ABC. [The Wrap]
  • Teresa Palmer from “Warm Bodies” is pregnant with her first child with fiance Mark Webber. [US Weekly]
  • You might be getting carded to buy nail polish remover soon. [New York Post]
  • Karl Lagerfeld has opinions. Important opinions. Important opinions about pants. [NYmag.com] Keep reading »
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