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Texas School Allows Student Tony Zamazal To Wear A Dress To Prom

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  • Thanks to the good works of the ACLU, Spring High School in Spring, Texas, will now allow George “Tony” Zamazal, who is trans and identifies as female, to wear a dress to her prom. The school had previously forbidden the senior from wearing a dress. Said Tony, “I’m so grateful that my school has agreed to let me be myself on such an important night.” [Think Progress, Queerty]
  • Across the world today, feminists have celebrated Topless Jihad Day by staging topless protests against conservative Islam. Much of the activism has also been in support of Amina, an activist in Tunisia who posted topless pictures of herself online and has gotten death threats. [MonaEltahaway.Tumblr.com]
  • Two women claim they were drugged (allegedly by employees) and raped at The Abbey, a gay bar in West Hollywood. [Queerty] Keep reading »

Monster Prom Dress

This monster of a prom dress was found on Regretsy, the site where “bad crafts thrive,” but I’d hardly call this wonder bad. In fact, had I found a dress like this when I was in high school, I might have considered attending my prom. Then again, hot pink isn’t really my color. [via BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Coffee Filter Prom Dress Sparks One-Of-A-Kind Memory

No girl ever wants to show up to her prom wearing the exact same dress as someone else. Aimee Kick, a senior at Francis Howell North High School in Missouri, wanted to wear a creative prom dress that would not only be elegant and fashionable, but also one-of-a-kind. So she decided to make her own, but not out of fabric. She ruled out tea bags, stamps, bubble wrap, and aluminum foil, and settled on coffee filters when she realized the other materials were either perishable or not durable enough for a night of dancing. Aimee had become known as “the girl with the coffee cup” around school, so it was fitting that coffee filters served as inspiration. Movement and breathability were other important factors in deciding on the material. Aimee also wanted to be able to make and complete the dress on her own in a reasonable amount of time. Although she has three AP courses, an online college course, and a part-time job, Aimee folded, cut, stained, dyed, sewed, and blow-dried every single coffee filter used in the dress. She completed the dress in about a month, even though she has never made clothing from coffee filters. “When I really started to notice how into making the dress I got was the day before a large (and tedious) research paper was due. I kept saying to myself, ’Just finish the paper and then you can work on the dress as much as you want,’” Aimee told the Francis Howell School District. She said this project was more of a stimulating challenge than a difficulty.

Aimee isn’t the only high school student to don an unconventional dress for prom. Check out the Coke Can Pop Top Dress and the 2008 winner of the Stuck at the Prom Duck Brand Duct Tape Scholarship Contest.
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The Daily Squeeze: Matthew McConaughey Gets Ready, Love In Saudia Arabia, And A Forbidden Dress

  • Matthew McConaughey is reportedly clearing his schedule so he’ll be around to see his child being born. Cute. [AHN]
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