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Festive Fragrances: New Ralph By Ralph Lauren Candles

As a girl who has been wearing Ralph by Ralph Lauren perfume since she was a teen, I’m intrigued by this new line of RALPH candles, which might just be the answer to finding a signature scent for the home. The collection includes brightly-colored soy candles in a few families of fragrances. Some give off soft floral notes (Flower Shop; Flowering Vines), while other varieties like Lemon Kick are bolder and fruity. They’re also timely with two holiday-centric flavors. If you’re not buying for yourself, this would make a great gift for a younger sister, as it’s fun and a bit sophisticated at the same time. [$25, Macys.com via Teen Vogue] Keep reading »

Scare Off Unwanted Suitors With This Ring

Rihanna is a fashion trendsetter who is sometimes so far ahead of the curve it’s hard for us to keep up. But, like with Lady Gaga, the best way to follow Rihanna’s lead is to do so subtly. For the past several months, she’s been all about spiked clothes and accessories, from killer rings and studded sunglasses to dangerous dresses. If you’d like to keep people away from you with your clothes the way Rihanna does, the easiest way is to slide on a ring from nOir Jewelry. Rihanna herself stacked three of them on one finger for a super studded look, and fellow fashion risk takers Katy Perry, Amber Rose, Fergie, and Lady Gaga are also fans of the line. Just make sure not to jokingly punch anyone while wearing this sucker — the spikes are more than 2 inches long. [$50, nOir Jewelry] Keep reading »

Let Rachel Bilson Tell You What To Buy

The holidays and Black Friday are coming, which means it’s time to hit the mall for gift inspiration. Enter associated feelings of panic. This year, why not recruit a celebrity to do the hard work for you? After all, they’ve spent the whole year trying new clothing, shoes, and goodies, so who else would know better? Stylish girl about town Rachel Bilson’s picks, from Piperlime, after the jump! Keep reading »

Win This: Free Company 81 Clothes For Your Boo

Being girly girls and all, we don’t know much about Company 81, except that it reminds us a lot of Abercrombie and American Eagle, but seems to be of higher quality and yet way more affordable at the same time. While combing the shops for gifts for guys, we’ve turned up all kinds of fun items, but button-downs from $20-$42 and sweaters and other outerwear for under $100 are some of the best deals we’ve come across so far. And because these dudes are extra friendly, they’re giving away two shirts and a sweater to some lucky gal who can re-gift and doesn’t necessarily need to reveal how much she actually spent. Hey, it’s not like we’ll say anything.

We’re giving away one set of Company 81 menswear (including two button-downs and one sweater), but you have to work if you want your man in free duds. The best commenter for this coming week—from today, Tuesday, Nov. 24 through Tuesday, Dec. 2—will be awarded. So, be as clever, smart, and original as you can! Click HERE to read the official rules. Keep reading »

Reindeer Poop Necklaces, For The Person Who Has Everything

Americans will go crazy beginning Friday as we hunt for unique gifts for our friends and family, but the Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, IL, has made our present search simple. The zoo’s gift shop is selling “magical reindeer gem” necklaces made from dehydrated, sterilized, and spray-painted reindeer dung. The snowman-shaped pendants sell for $20 and were assembled by volunteers who must really care about animals. [StyleList] Keep reading »

Cheapskate: Sears (Yes, Sears)

I can’t tell you the last time I walked into a Sears … Oh, wait, I lie … A few months ago I walked through the department store to get to the rest of a mall, but all I saw were appliances and Craftsman tools. So I was really shocked to learn that the retailer actually has some stylish affordable clothing. Check out what I found after the jump, and a word of caution: stay away from the tops. Keep reading »

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