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So, most of the country is on the same page here. More »


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Little did he know, he would be moving into enemy territory, as less than 10 percent of the precinct voted for him and the one we don’t speak of toMore »

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Pretending it’s no longer an issue isn’t going to help the countless poor and marginalized women still unable to access it. More »

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Finally, some abortion-related news from this state that isn’t horrible. More »


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Roe v. Wade doesn’t matter that much to women who can’t afford it. More »

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Because nothing makes you want to give birth to a baby more than a throng of angry conservatives flying seemingly photoshopped horrors in your face. More »

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A sad commentary on the diminishing availability of abortion as a medical procedure. More »


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Abortions past 20 weeks gestation are illegal in the state of South Carolina, effective immediately. More »

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The 2009 law Patel was convicted under was meant to be used against third parties inflicting harm on the pregnant woman and her fetus — not the pregnant woman herself. The stateMore »

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On today’s edition of Infuriatingly Deceitful Labels Anti-Choice Lawmakers Use To Disguise Their Stonewalling Access To Healthcare As Being Beneficial To Women™…. More »


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A new global study just shattered the ultimate myth about women who have abortions. More »

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It’s not necessarily bad news, but it’s not really good news either. More »