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Moms Reveal Their Most Memorable Mother’s Day Gifts

It can be hard to know what Mom really wants for Mother’s Day. So we asked a bunch to tell us the best gift they ever received on the holiday, to help you with any last-minute shopping you might be doing for Sunday. For the most part, moms just want you to do or say something nice. Don’t worry about dropping half your paycheck on a present; she’d prefer a thoughtful card. Keep reading »

And The Prize Goes To … The Best Gift You Bought Yourself

Last Friday, we asked you to tell us about an item you bought to treat yourself, and you seriously blew us away. We almost teared up a few times because your stories of personal purchases showed what’s important to you, and how much you value yourself. After much deliberation, we decided reader Maggie’s story was our favorite:

I recently landed a sweet job as a nanny. This is my first real job outside of college, and I’m like Mary Poppins. I live in their attic and have lots of stuff in my bag. I love the kids I nanny for, and the family has made me feel so welcome and loved in their home. I used part of my first paycheck on some artwork for my little attic apartment. I bought a block print of a vintage bicycle from an artist on Etsy, and I’m so pleased. It’s the first piece of real art I’ve been able to buy for myself since I became a real person outside of the college bubble, and it’s nice having some art that I love to put up in my new home and make the space my own.

Thanks for all of your thoughtful answers, and don’t forget to enter to win our daily Valentine’s Day giveaways Keep reading »

Don’t Buy Into Holiday Gift Cards

Buying a gift card or certificate might be one way to deal with people whom you have no idea what to get for the holidays. And true, for the person receiving a gift card, it can feel like free money.

However, if you’re going this route, you’d probably be better off just handing them a wad of twenties. After the jump, the reasons why, and what to do if you’re stuck with a crap gift card. Keep reading »

What Do You REALLY Want For Christmas This Year?

A garden center in the U.K. is apologizing today for a very un-PC brochure they reportedly sent to about 900,000 homes recently. An ad in the brochure suggested that men “Make her feel special with a clothesline this Christmas,” prompting some women to criticize the store for its old-school sale tactics. Margaret Green, from a women’s equality group in England, told The Daily Telegraph that the advertisement was an “insult,” saying: “I feel for any man that follows the brochure’s advice because I don’t think a clothesline is going to make anyone feel special. A gift like this is so unromantic and useless it is likely to create a frosty atmosphere in some households on Christmas day.” Well, we can’t have frosty atmospheres on Christmas day, can we? Although, on second thought, isn’t that kind of what everyone’s wishing for when they sing about dreaming of a white Christmas? Anyway, frost or not, we can’t have guys thinking we all want lightweight aluminum clotheslines for the holidays, so let’s spill it: What’s on your wish list this year and what can your significant other do to make you feel special? [via BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Need Some Genius Gift Ideas? Here’s 5 Of ‘Em

With the holiday season quickly approaching and the recession still affecting everyone’s wallet, gift giving is going to take an interesting turn this season. But don’t they always say the best gifts are those from the heart and not pre-packaged from a store?

Robert Verdi, style expert and TV host, detailed his favorite gift ideas for the Wall Street Journal, ranging from totally practical to totally random. Five tips, after the jump!

Keep reading »

Organized Gift Giving Is Better Gift Giving

It may only be Aug. 18, but it’s never too early to get crackin’ on your holiday shopping. While some of you may operate well under pressure, I need to start thinking about it now. Even if I don’t buy the presents right away, it makes me feel less desperate because at least I know what’s out there.

This year, I may go all-out and get super organized, making friends and family fill out this cute vital stats sheet designed by Made in England (and available to download for free). Yes, you might come across as a little anal, but calling your sister on Dec. 19 to ask for her shoe size kind of ruins the surprise. [Made In England] Keep reading »

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