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Macklemore Prank Calls Lady On Craigslist Scalping His Tickets

macklemore prank calls
"I Don't Know If The Bloke's Worth $65 A Ticket ..."

Awkward. Macklemore called up a woman who was scalping tickets to one of his shows on Craigslist and gabbed to her for about five minutes in a (terrible) fake British-y accent. As far as prank calls go, it’s more uncomfortable than funny — he sounds like a lonely weirdo. But it’s kind of amazing when he reveals to the scalper that she’s actually talking to Macklemore himself the whole time … and then she kinda regrets the parts where she talked shit about him.  [YouTube]

The Soapbox: Can We Just Agree That Prank Calls Are The Worst?

DJs Apologize
michael christian mel greig
Australian DJs who prank called Kate Middleton's hospital apologize. Read More »
Nurse Commits Suicide
kate middleton
Nurse at Kate Middleton's hospital commits suicide after prank call. Read More »
Give Kate Space
Stop getting all up in a pregnant woman's business, y'all. Read More »
kate middleton prince william

There are many conversations to be had about the tragic death of Jacintha Saldanha, the King Edward VII nurse who took her own life last week, after she learned the “Queen” and “Prince Charles” that she patched through to Kate Middleton’s private ward were actually Australian radio DJs with the show 2DayFM. The pair, named Michael Christian and Mel Greig, gave an interview on the Australian show, “Today Tonight,” on which they explained that they never expected to make it all the way to Kate’s private nurse, who then told these DJs confidential medical information about the duchess’s condition. (She had been hospitalized with hyperemesis gravidarum, an acute form of morning sickness.) By their own description, the call was intended to be ridiculous: they spoke in posh British accents and barked like there were corgis in the background.  ”The call itself was not malicious,” Christian said. “From start to finish, there was no harm intended.”

“The accents were terrible,” Greig explained. “You know it was designed to be stupid. We were never meant to get that far from the little corgis barking in the background – we obviously wanted it to be a joke.” Added Christian, “I suppose, you know, the joke was always on us, not anyone else. It wasn’t about trying to fool someone. I mean we just assumed that with the voices that we put on, you know, we were going to get told off and that was the gag – on us.”

The pre-recorded segment was first vetted by producers and lawyers before it aired. Although the royal family had not complained about the breach of security, Saldanha apparently could not live with herself. She allegedly took her own life in a London park on Friday morning. She is survived by her husband and two teenaged children; by all accounts, she was an excellent nurse.

We could talk about suicide prevention, warning signs for mental anguish, medical privacy, intrusion into celebs’ personal lives. I’m sure plenty of other conversations are being had on other blogs. But what I want to talk is the cruelty of radio show prank calls. Keep reading »

Sarah Palin Falls For A Prank Call From The French Prez

This is basically amazing. Comedy duo the Masked Avengers dialed up Governor Sarah Palin and pretended to be Nicholas Sarkozy. In addition to discussing a song the president’s wife, Carla Bruni, wrote about Joe the Plumber, Sarah also seemed keen on going hunting with the foreign leader. Do the French even hunt? Anyway, this takes crank calling to a whole ‘nother level. I remember when I thought it was hilarious to call up parents of fellow students from my junior high and pretend I was calling about a delivery from “the condom store”. Keep reading »

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