The Prancercise Lady Returns With Horses And A Manfriend

Prancercise lady Joanna Rohrback is back, and this time she has a workout buddy in tow. In this video, the creator of Prancercise, “a springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation,” explores “the potential of getting fit along with a preferred partner; in a preferred environment; and even alongside preferred… More »

Prancercise Lady Gets Rid Of Camel Toe And Inhibitions In A New X-Rated Video

Ask and ye shall receive. Since learning about the movement “inspired by elation,” I’ve been hungry for more Prancercise (as I’m sure we all have been). Joanna Rohrback, who has been keeping her various prances under lock and key, has released a new X-Rated prance, “Uninhibited Fitness,” which she boasts will include “more of what… More »

The Prancercise Lady Is Not The Least Bit Embarrassed By Her Camel Toe

“Embarrassed? If my camel toe doesn’t embarrass me, why would [anything]? I’m not embarrassed at all! … Haters gonna hate … I don’t pay attention to the neighsayers … Get it? N-E-I-G-H. It doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve always been special, and now all these people are finally noticing it. And I just wanna… More »

Watch: John Mayer’s New Music Video, Featuring Prancercise Guru, Joanna Rohrback!

Once you know the basics of prancercise, you can move on to the more advanced versions of the fitness exercise. Joanna Rohrback’s next level of being “induced by elation” is “romancercise,” a prance you can romance to. Who better than to provide the soundtrack for prance seduction than John Mayer? No one. Behold the official… More »

Let The Prancercise Spoofs Begin!

Yesterday, I introduced you to the art of prancercise, which creator Joanna Rohrback describes as “a springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation.” Word of the fitness exercise and spiritual practice has been galloping around the interwebs, and predictably, people are trying it. Or I should… More »

Learn The Art Of Prancercise

As a person born in the Year of the Horse, the art of prancercise appeals to every level of my being. My new fitness guru, Joanna Rohrback (who just so happens to be from the great state of Florida), demonstrates how to prancercise in this instructional video. It’s a fitness workout, yes. But it’s more… More »