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How To Accept Criticism In 5 Easy Steps

Last week, I wrote an “Open Letter to Mayor Bloomberg,” informing him he had no right to tell me how much Coca-Cola I am allowed to consume. After many comments about me sounding like “a high school drama queen” and telling me to “calm down,” I felt very discouraged, and even doubtful about my writing…

By: Daley Quinn / July 10, 2012

Girl Talk: I Am Not A Victim Of Dating

Ugh, it's so unfair. What did I do to deserve this? No one ever asks me out. Dating -- or whatever you want to call the experience of interacting with the gender to which you are attracted -- can be a very frustrating experience. Generally, we meet a lot of people before a connection i…

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / March 6, 2012

Girl Talk: I Was Afraid To Curse Myself

I bounded down the stairs to show my mom my new frilly red dress. “Oh Kimmi! You look so pretty! That is such a pretty red dress!” I stopped mid-twirl, put my hands on my four-year-old hips, and looked at her accusingly. “You don’t like my blue dress?” I asked. Flash-forward 30 years, and that…

By: Kimberlee Auerbach / September 1, 2010