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Here’s What To Expect From Porn In 2015

Here's What To Expect From Porn In 2015

PornHub published its 2014 yearly review this week, and it was full of illuminating statistics about what exactly the world gets off to. PornHub analyzed the most popular search terms, countrywide porn statistics, most popular porn stars, the viewing habits of men vs. women, which world events impacted PornHub’s traffic, and even which countries’ viewers last the longest. The data was also used to come up with predictions of what porn trends to anticipate in 2015. Sigh, where would this world be without someone to keep track of these oh-so-important factoids? Keep reading »

PornHub’s Times Square Billboard Has Vanished

todays lady news
  • PornHub’s extraordinarily inoffensive Times Square billboard has been taken down. [Jezebel]
  • Find out 14 new things about Margaret Atwood. [Buzzfeed]
  • Read about the scary gender and power dynamic of cabs. [Feministing] Keep reading »

Why Don’t Straight Women Like Straight Porn?

Why Don't Straight Women Like Straight Porn?

For years, there’s been a lingering stereotype that women just aren’t interested in watching porn. Well, not only do we now know from a number of studies that that stereotype is patently untrue (although frankly, all you’d need to do is look at my browser history to figure that out), we also know exactly what—and who—they’re watching, thanks to the latest Pornhub Insights study in collaboration with Buzzfeed.

Like most Pornhub Insights posts, most of the results of the study weren’t exactly surprising: Of course women are more likely to search for “porn for women” than “double penetration” or “gang-bang,” and of course women are more likely to search for James Deen than any other male porn star. Yet Pornhub did unearth one fascinating tidbit about heterosexual women’s bean-flicking habits: namely, how many women are tuning into lesbian or gay male porn. Keep reading »

Our 6 Favorite PornHub Ad Campaign Finalists (Plus, My Own Hastily-Put-Together Submission)

Listen, I’m not a graphic designer. But I am a porn enthusiast. So when I heard that PornHub had selected their top 15 finalists for their first ad campaign, I was like, Shit, how did I miss this opportunity to show PornHub how much I understand their brand? PornHub is, after all, my favorite online porn database thanks to their easy search and sort functionality, not to mention vast array of videos of, you know, people fucking. (But there could always be more Manuel Ferrara and James Deen.) And I gotta say, while I like many of the ads that were chosen as finalists (my six favorite are in this gallery), I think my (hastily put together using rudimentary Photoshop skills) ad is more clever. I mean, who doesn’t clear their browser history after they’ve watched porn? I guess there’s always next year… [PornHub (SFW)]

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10 PornHub Comments, If They Were Valentine’s Day Cards (NSFW)

If you’re going for true romance this February 14th, you might want to consider sending one of these super thoughtful, incredibly sweet PornHub comment Valentine’s Day cards. Because nothing says I cherish you like improper grammar usage when referring to your boobs. Sometimes anonymous commenters pen some pure poetry. Click through to see some more of these heartwarming creations from the Tumblr, PornHub Comments On Valentines. [PornHub Comments On Valentines]

The United States Of Porn

The United States Of Porn

Last week, PornHub released extensive data about our porn watching habits around the country. Thanks to them, we now know each state’s top three favorite porno search terms (the middle of our country is wild for creampie porn and Nevada is obsessed with porn star Anita Queen) and average length of each state’s duration on the site (the state of Mississippi spends the most amount of time watching internet porn and Rhode Island spends the least). Natually, a Redditor made an interactive map of the data so you can examine it thoroughly and try to analyze the results.Here in New York, we’re into  wanking to colleges, massages and MILFs. [The Daily Dot]

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