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The Porn Version Of “Parks & Rec” Actually Looks Pretty Funny

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"It is literally naked women devouring t-bone steaks."

A few “Parks & Recreation” episodes back, Leslie helped save the local (Jason Schwartz-run) art house video store, but it had unintended consequences. To make money, the store was transformed into a porn warehouse, and a Pawnee-themed porn––including Leslie and Ron-a-likes––was made. It turns out, somebody in the real porn universe must have been watching, because the folks at Wood Rocket TV created “Porks  & Recreation,” which includes actually pretty funny parodies of all your favorite “Parks & Rec” characters. Dick Chibbles (try and say that without giggling) as Ron Swanson is actually pretty good, while Aiden Starr plays Leslie Knope. My only qualm is that the idea of Ron and Leslie banging feels way too incest-y. Ron’s like a dad to Leslie! Otherwise, A+ adaptation. [YouTube]

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