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Poll: How Sporty Are You?

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Poll: Do You Slack Off On Your Workouts Come Fall?

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Frisky Readers Split Down The Middle On Drinking While Pregnant

Earlier this week, Ami posted about a recent article that said it’s becoming more common for women to have the occasional drink while pregnant. We polled you on what your drinking policy would be when you’re pregnant and over 4,700 of you responded. I suspect the results were shocking no matter how you voted, in… More »

Poll: Would You Drink While Pregnant?

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Poll: Would You Take Your Significant Other’s Last Name Like Portia Did?

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Poll: Do You Have Health Insurance?

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Style By Jury: Rachel Zoe’s Clavicle-Exposing Burlap Sack

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Poll: Whom Does Ali Give Her Final Rose To On “The Bachelorette”?

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Poll: Which Celeb Would You Trade Places With?

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Does Nina Garcia’s New Target Affiliation Make You Respect Her More Or Less?

Nina Garcia of Project Runway, Elle, and Marie Claire fame has signed on to be Target’s “fashion expert.” The role will mean more videos for Target’s website and StyleBoutique blog, repping new developments for Target brands like Mossimo, and offering tips and tricks for making the most of the store’s budget clothes. This is a… More »

Poll: How Far Would You Go To Get Out Of A Day Of Work?

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Poll: What’s Your Biggest Motivation For Working Out?

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Poll: Be Honest — Do You Save Money Every Month?

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Poll: How Young Is Too Young For Botox?

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Poll: Do You Give A Crap About LeBron James?

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Poll: How Much Older Will You Date?

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Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Salma Hayek’s Red And White Ensemble?

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Poll: Are Panty Lines Ever Acceptable?

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Style By Jury: What Do You Think Of Tom Brady’s Shag?

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Poll: How Do You Keep Track Of Your Former Lovers?

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