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Poll: Who Should Be The First Gay President?

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Poll: How Do You Spend Spring Break?

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Would You Wear Visible Garter Belts?

All those terrifying pictures of Taylor Momsen and now some fashion blogs calling out visible garters as a trend has us scratching our heads a bit. On the one hand, garter belts are pretty damn hot. On the other, though, we really can’t quite imagine wearing them so visibly, let alone in public during the… More »

Poll: When Is It OK To Kiss And Tell?

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Poll: What’s The Longest You’ve Gone Without Showering?

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Poll: Who Was The Best Dressed At The Oscars?

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Poll: Who Do You Want To Win The Oscar For Best Picture?

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Poll: Which Area Of Your Body Would You Like To Be Kissed More?

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Poll: If Your Ex Were Talking Smack, Would You Want Your Dad To Defend Your Honor?

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Poll: Do You Do Weird Things To Your Vagina?

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Poll: Were You Ever Afraid To Masturbate?

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Poll: What Do You Really Think About Airbrushing?

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Poll: Do You Ever Feel Guilty About Sex?

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Poll: Could You Marry A Man In Suspenders?

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Poll: How Will You Be Ringing In 2010?

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Poll: Do You Want Your Sexual Fantasies To Be Actualized?

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Poll: Do You Drink More When You’re Single?

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Poll: Have You Ever Sexted?

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Poll: What Kinds Of Noises Do You Make During Sex?

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Poll: Would You Pray More At “Hip” House Of Worship, Like A Bar?

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