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Wear Your Activism On Your Sleeve: Gay Rights Gear

I recently bought a “Some Kids R Gay. That’s OK.” tank top from fckh8.com and it’s quickly become one of my favorite pieces of clothing. I’ve lost count of the friends and strangers who have asked me where I got it so they can buy one for themselves and everyone they know, which is awesome, since part of the proceeds go to help fund queer youth counseling and suicide prevention. One of the most important aspects of any civil rights movement is visibility. If you are a supporter of gay rights and marriage equality, why not wear your beliefs on your sleeve (or your wrist, for that matter)? Click through for some cute hoodies, T-shirts, and accessories that send a clear message of love and tolerance for all… Keep reading »

Japanese Prime Minister’s ’80s Fashion Gaffe Launches Ironic Trend (And It Costs $500!)

How fashion works today: 1) Something hilarious and slightly outlandish goes viral on the internet. 2) We have a few laughs and say, You can’t be serious. 3) Someone decides the style is “edgy” or “ironic” (or worse, doesn’t see the problem to begin with), and it becomes a trend. 4) More horribly dressed people in the world. Someone makes a profit.

That’s what happened with the heinous shirt Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama wore not too long ago. We, along with most of the other cyber commentators out there, assumed that Mr. Hatoyama had just gotten dressed in 1984 and never changed his outfit. Someone even said, “Walmart wouldn’t even take it.”

Turns out, the Japanese politico might just be a sneaky style genius … Keep reading »

I Love You To Death

This Loved necklace from Yassai 7 reminds you that now, more than ever, it’s time to make love, not war. The letters may be made out of high-powered artillery, but the message is 100 percent hippie. The pendant comes on a 22-inch gunmetal chain, and it’s $75. If you like the urban guerrilla girl theme, you may like Yassai 7′s brass knuckle-and-peace necklace, their fighter planes on a chain, or this shout-out for peace in the Middle East. Who knew being stylish could be so political? [The Cut] Keep reading »

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