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6-Year-Old Jeremy Mardis Should Not Be “Collateral Damage”

But he is, because the police opened fire on his dad’s car at the end of the a pursuit. More »

Man Survives Traffic Stop, Concludes Racist Police Violence Isn’t A Real Problem

Police officers! Doing their jobs! Imagine! More »

Prince Releases “Baltimore” Protest Song And It’s Everything

Everyone stop what they are doing and listen to Prince’s incredibly powerful protest song “Baltimore,” which was written to honor the recent Baltimore protests and calls for an end to unjust violence plaguing the Black community at the hands of the police. The song features lyrics about the deaths of both Freddie Gray and slain… More »

Alabama Cop Faces Federal Charges In Brutality Case

A former Alabama police officer has been charged with violating the civil rights of an Indian man who was injured during a violent confrontation in February. Former Madison police officer Eric Parker is charged with using unreasonable force that left Sureshbhai Patel hospitalized. He was slammed face-first to the ground in the confrontation, which was captured… More »

Assholes Raise Over $3K For Cop Who Paralyzed Innocent Grandfather

Sureshbhai Patel came to Madison, Alabama, from India a few weeks ago to see his family and new grandchild, and to stay and help out for a while since the child was born prematurely. He, like many other people, liked taking morning walks. Tragically, because of this innocent hobby, Patel is now paralyzed for theMore »

Police Officer Pepper Sprays Peaceful UC Davis Student Protesters

Late last night, I got an email from a Frisky reader studying at the University of California at Davis. She was writing to bring to my attention an incident that had occurred on campus in which police officers pepper sprayed, at close range, students involved in demonstration in support of Occupy Wall Street. Having followed… More »