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Amazing Photographs, Instantly!

These days, everybody’s got a digital camera on their dang Smartphone. Which is why I think it’s about time we kicked it old school and returned to actual printed photos. The Fujifilm Instax MINI 7s White Instant Film Camera is one of the tiniest instant film cameras ever, and produces perfect, “Instagram”-ish photos┬áthat you can actually have and hold immediately. How retro! [$62.99, Amazon]

The Polaroid Project Shows Off Models Being Their Beautiful Selves

Though The Impossible Project has made a valiant effort to bring back the Polaroid camera by re-releasing Polaroid film, the days of the ever-flattering snap and shoot are behind us. And as much as this peeves us personally — everyone looks good in Polaroids; who can say the same about pictures taken with digital cameras? — it’s had an even greater impact on the modeling industry. Agency offices used to be overrun with Polaroid images of up-and-comers. Now, digital shots are taking their place and industry vets complain that they just don’t capture the young lovelies as they should. In an attempt to remedy the situation, modeling agency Elite Milan has started what they’re calling a Video Polaroid Project, the idea being that the black and white videos they’re shooting of new models capture them as well as a Polaroid pictures used to. The first round of videos is up now, and they range from sexy to quirky to totally adorable. We like. [The Ones2Watch] Keep reading »

Polaroid Film Is Back!

Polaroid film, which disappeared from the market when the company stopped producing it a couple years ago, will be for sale once again on Thursday. After the sad news about Polaroid’s disappearance surfaced, The Impossible Project bought an old Polaroid plant and vowed to make the film once again and better than ever. That they seem to have succeeded may sound like a mere moment in whimsical kitsch, but it’s actually awesome news for anyone who likes to look really good in pictures. We don’t know exactly what it is about Polaroid film, but it’s basically the most flattering medium ever conceived. Think back on the Polaroids of you that are floating around and we think you’ll realize there’s nary a bad one in the bunch. Recapture your photogenic side at the-impossible-project.com this Thursday. [NYLON] Keep reading »

Genius: Philippe Roucou’s Polaroid Scarves

These Polaroid scarves by French designer Philippe Roucou feel more like art that deserves to be hung on a wall, rather than something you twist nonchalantly around your neck. The series is called objets trouvés (found objects), and yet the unusual images cause you to think twice about what that really means. [Reborn.ws] Keep reading »

Lady Gaga Shakes Up Things At Polaroid

Polaroid has joined forces with Lady Gaga to revamp its brand, which is popular with hipsters but not most people in the digital age. The entities will develop a line of “imaging products.” We really have no idea what that means, and Gaga is remaining vague on the subject.

Here’s what she said in a press release: Keep reading »

Decorate Your Fingers With Polaroids

Obsessed with Polaroids? Well, in case you’re not sated by the original art form, then open your mind to the iconic white border in jewelry form as the Polaroid meets your ring finger. Fill in the slot with a teeny tiny picture of anything you wish, and all of the sudden, your ring is a perfect frame. We’re devastated to find it’s already sold out, so here’s wishing for the creator to get busy making more. Check here for the status … [CNet] Keep reading »

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