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Sharper Than Your Average House Key

You never know when a little knife might come in handy, but how do you discreetly carry around a blade without coming across as an aggressive weapon-toter? Keep this key-shaped pocket knife among your house keys, that’s how. The discreet knife ensures you’ll always be prepared while blending in perfectly. Just make sure to remove it from the key chain if you’re traveling by air — you don’t want the TSA thinking you’re up to no good.

[$24.90 Garrett Wade]

16 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Own A Swiss Army Knife

When I was 14 years old, my uncle gave me a Swiss Army knife for my birthday. At the time, it was kind of a letdown considering the extensive and extremely precise wish list I’d outlined from the Delia’s catalog. For years, the thing sat in my top desk drawer and, frankly, it scared me. Not just because you could seriously hurt someone with it, but also because I didn’t know what half the tools in it were for.

Of course, years later, it’s one of my most frequently used accessories and has graduated from the back of the desk drawer to a regular spot in my large tote bag. Here, our best reasons why every woman should carry a Swiss Army knife. Keep reading »

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