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The Plaza Introduces “The Great Gatsby”-Themed Suite

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Our “The Great Gatsby” obsession just reached a fever pitch: the Plaza Hotel in New York City has debuted a suite that will transport you right to the Roaring Twenties. Filled with grey and sea foam tones, Deco-furniture and chandeliers, the Fitzgerald Suite — so named for The Great Gatsby author F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda Fitzgerald — on the hotel’s 18th floor also features a library nook and a built-in bar (natch). The 700-square-foot suite was designed by Catherine Martin, set designer for the upcoming Carey Mulligan/Leonardo DiCaprio “Gatsby” remake. The only problem is that at $2,795 a night, the Frisky staff will only have to pool all our collective rent money to afford it. Boo! Where’s Jay Gatsby when you need him?[New York Times] [Image via NY Times]

What Should Betsey Johnson’s Plaza Hotel Eloise Suite Look Like?

It was announced last September that fashion designer Betsey Johnson would be designing an Eloise-themed suite for The Plaza Hotel in New York City. Those of you who were obsessed with Eloise to the extent that we were as kids may or may not have peed your pants in excitement at the news. Now, finally, the unveiling of the room is just a few days away. On July 29, we’ll all see what Johnson has done with the room and probably wish we were 8 years old all over again. (Take a look at Johnson’s apartment at left and you’ll know why we’re so jealous of grade schoolers.) We’re hoping that the room involves a healthy amount of artsy crayon on the walls and a cage for Skipperdee the turtle. What does your dream Eloise room look like? [Fashion Foie Gras] Keep reading »

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