platform shoes

Do Not Want: Mega Platforms

These leather peep-toe oxfords boast a 5.5 inch platform, which I’m pretty sure qualifies them as a circus prop instead of a shoe. Standing perfectly still they’re kinda cute, I guess, if a little “Spice Girl goes to Cambridge,” but seriously, can you imagine navigating sidewalks in these things? Death traps! [$45, Urban Outfitters] … More »

Meet Some Very Dedicated Followers Of Platform Shoe Fashion

In this vintage video from the 1970s, a bunch of average Brits were asked for their take on the burgeoning platform shoe trend that was sweeping the streets of London. Unwearable? Impossibly chic? Oh, they’ll definitely tell you what they think. What I wouldn’t do for some of these vintage pairs. [Pathe] … More »

An Open Letter To Platform Shoes

Dear Platform Shoes,

I have an issue that I need to resolve with you, but I want to do it in a sensitive and productive way so I’m going to try to use “I-statements.” Did you ever learn about “I-statements,” Platforms? According to my 7th grade health textbook, you can solve any problem by… More »

Would You Wear: Bright Blue Walter Steiger Platforms?

These clown car Walter Steiger platforms will add an extra 4.5 inches to your height, but on the flip side, they may make you look like a circus freak. If you’re okay with that, then by all means, wobble forth in these mega-platforms. But if you’re less than sure-footed, may we suggest you start off… More »

The Higher The Platform Shoe, The Closer To God

It turns out women have always submitted their feet to extreme fashion. This is a picture of a woman in Damascas, Syria, in 1873. Notice anything weird about her outfit? Oh, yeah — she’s wearing sky-high platform shoes. Those platforms, known as “chopines,” were designed to protect women’s shoes and dresses from being sullied on… More »

Platform Shoes Can Seriously Eff You Up

OK, ladies, I’m going as crazy for platform shoes right now as the next fashion-obsessed lady, but I will state for the record that I’m a heel wimp. When it comes to rocking heels, I may have a higher-the-better mentality at the moment, but to be perfectly honest, I probably wear elevated shoes about once… More »

Guo Pei Makes Platforms For The Modern Geisha Girl

Trend de la Creme points us to these totally bonkers geisha girl platforms created by Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei. The Beijing-based couturier is known for her style nods to Christian Dior and Alexander McQueen, and these skyscraper shoes are no exception. This embellished update of the traditional geta appeared on models walking the runway… More »