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Breaking News: Kids Think Planking Is Stupid

This week, the “Kids React” series tackles the fine art of planking. What is it? Why do people do it? Is it cool? Says one particularly incensed 7-year-old, “Stop. Stop planking. That’s weird. And get a job or something!” After all, “Isn’t [planking] for like, teens who just wanna do everything other teens wanna do?” And with one swift kick to the nuts, a 12-year-old girl manages to bring the Internet to its knees. [The Fine Bros.] Keep reading »

“Horsemaning” — Er, Faked Beheading — Is The New “Planking”

Planking was stupid. Owling was stupider. And let’s not forget coneing. Feast your eyes on “horsemaning,” which the Internet claims is an old time-y way 1920s’ pranksters would fake a beheading. All you have to do is pose like you’re holding your own head in your hands: get someone to lie flat on their back with her head obscured while you pose with your head near her outstretched hand. Macabre? Yes. Funny? Also yes. I happily await the inevitable cavalcade of celebs tweeting “horsemaning” pics on Twitter! [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

“Planking” Is Over—It’s All About “Cone-ing” Now

Just in time for summer, a hot weather-friendly viral fad called “cone-ing” is sweeping the interwebs. Phew, this means we can all stop “planking”. Simply put, cone-ing, invented by Australian comedian Alki Stevens, is the act of grabbing a soft serve ice cream cone upside down thus creating the most awkward situation possible. Very awkward indeed, but sadly, a terrible waste of ice cream. My inner former fat kid is crying. [Cone-ing] Keep reading »

10 Celebrities Planking

Kristen Bell Planks
A few weeks ago, a new internet craze blew up—planking, whereby a person lies face down in an unusual place and snaps a photo of it. And who knew such a thing could be so controversial? First we find out that planking led to a 20-year-old Australian’s death when he fell seven stories while trying to do it on a balcony. Next, we hear that planking isn’t even new. As BuzzFeed figured out, planking is essentially the “Lying Down Game,” an internet phenomenon that started in 2006 and had spread worldwide by 2009. Oh, the humanity! [CNN, BuzzFeed]


Well, whatever this is—celebrities are certainly into it. In this slideshow, some famous plankers, starting with Kristen Bell. In this photo, she and her man Dax Shepard show us that they have pretty amazing balance. [NY Daily News]
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