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Morning Quickies: Pippa Middleton Got Dumped!

Who Is Alex Loudon?
alex loudon photo
Pippa's beau is a former cricket star. Read More »
Patti Matches Pippa
stanger middleton photo
Who would "The Millionaire Matchmaker" set her up with? Read More »
The Pippa Buttlift
Pippa Middleton butt photo
The "Pippa Middleton buttlift" is all the rage. Read More »
Kate's Preggo Rumors
kate middleton pregnant photo
Kate declined to eat peanuts and now everyone thinks she's knocked up. Read More »
Pippa Middleton photo
  • Pippa Middleton has been dumped by her boyfriend, cricket player Alex Loudon, allegedly because he’s sick of the “circus” surrounding her and being trailed by paparazzi. A “friend” also says that Alex’s old money family didn’t think Pippa was “wife material.” And here’s another lovely quote from a “friend”: “Alex was always the one in control. Now he’s seen as little more than Pippa’s appendage and really, what man could cope with that?”  Sounds to me like you dodged a bullet, Pippa! [Daily Mail UK]
  • Justin Timberlake made good on his promise this weekend to attend the Marine Corps Service Ball. His date was 23-year-old Kelsey De Santis, who invited him over the summer via YouTube video. [People]
  • Jennifer Lopez is back to dating backup dancers: this time his name is Casper Smart and he was in “Step Up 3D.” [RadarOnline] Keep reading »
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