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Dakota Fanning & 14 Celebs With Pink Hair — And How To Get It For Yourself!

This past week, Dakota Fanning (that’s the elder Fanning) debuted her pink-again hair while out and about in NYC. Pink hair has gone from the beauty fringes to way in the mainstream, and these days pretty much anyone and everyone is rocking it. Why pink? Maybe because it’s sort of sweet and feminine while still retaining a hard edge. In any case, you know women as disparate as Avril Lavigne and Helen Mirren are both rocking pink locks, it’s a color that’s here to stay. Check out all the pink-hued hotties above!

So how do you get pink hair, and can you do it at home? Yes! And no… Keep reading »

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Pink Hair Victory: Sixth Grader’s Suspension Overruled!

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When Brianna Moore, a 6th grader at Shue-Medill Middle School in Delaware, raised her grades enough to make honor roll for the first time, her parents let her dye her hair pink as a reward. The next day she was kicked out of school and faced with a choice: bleach her hair, take classes via in-school suspension until the color faded out, or switch schools. It wasn’t until the American Civil Liberties Union stepped in that the school district finally backed down and reversed the decision. Today Brianna is rocking pink hair, a good report card, and an admirable attitude: “I need to stand up for myself when it’s right,” she said. As a fellow pink-haired lady, I’m beaming with pride. [USA Today] [Photo by Suchat Peterson of The News Journal]

Six Things You Can Do This Month To Help Fight Breast Cancer

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Do your part and wear pink every single day until November, or do at least one of the following:

  • Make Click to Give your home page, then click on the pink box every time you open your web browser. Each time you do that, a sponsor will help fund mammograms.
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    Slideshow: Pink Ladies

    Last week, Lily Allen became the latest young celeb to dye her hair pink. Among starlets who are addicted to hair dye, pink seems to be a rite of passage. The usual shades must get a little boring after a while. (I wouldn’t know, as I’ve never even tried Sun-In. But when Gwen Stefani went pink during the Return of Saturn era, I seriously considered following suit.) Keep reading »

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