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Not Okay: Naked Guy With Boner Attempts To Pick Up Women In Deeply Uncomfy YouTube Video

Not Okay: Naked Guy With Boner Attempts To Pick Up Women In Deeply Uncomfy YouTube Video
Put It Away, Naked Guy
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It used to be that pick-up artists (PUAs for short) would just use the power of supremely douchey words in their attempts to “woo” women. But, oh, how I long for the days of good ol’ fashioned negging now that PUAs have taken to straight up sexually harassing and/or physically touching their intended conquests and, on top of that, actually documenting their actions on YouTube. Remember the guy who was approaching women he didn’t know on the street and physically grabbing them, “sweeping them off their feet”? Sure, many of the women in that video laughed it off as a prank, but there must have been countless more women who didn’t appreciate being accosted by a strange man while being filmed.

But forget about him; there’s another extreme PUA on the up and up. Freddy Fairhair, a Norwegian YouTube personality, thought it would be really funny and cool and not creepy at all to approach women on the street completely naked. With a boner. Keep reading »

Girl Talk: Let’s Talk About Negging

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I was at the bar at the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas enjoying a glass of champagne and having an intense one-in-the-morning chat with a new friend about raising kids (she’s a mom, I want to be one) when a young, casually-dressed guy came over and put his hand on both our backs. He was cute and friendly and something about his unexpected approach sparked my interest. I wasn’t there looking to meet anyone, but I rarely get hit on, so I paid attention. My friend was married and not too impressed with him but she retired and let me judge for myself. Keep reading »

A Pick-Up Artist Pick-Me-Up

Ladies, there’s nothing we love more than a good old-fashioned pick-up artist, am I right? Check this guy out and try not to swoon too much. [YouTube] Keep reading »

Japanese Dating Guru Owes It All To Wig

Move over Mystery, there’s a new dating guru — but instead of a big furry hat over his bald spot, this guy’s got a spiky wig. And Satoshi Fujita claims it’s that very wig that boosted his confidence, like a woman with breast implants, making him a super stud with three self-help dating books, numerous television appearances, and a cult following. At his Pick Up School For Men Who Can’t Get Any in Japan, Fujita teaches the “science” he’s been researching for 10 years to hundreds of students a month. At $280 bucks a class, he describes his followers as socially awkward geeks who lack a certain je ne sais quoi that gets women in the sack. Fujita teaches these poor guys how to use “laughter, compliments, and magic tricks,” to seduce women. No seriously, his gag bag literally includes “flaming wallets, talking ferrets, and animated algae balls.” Keep reading »

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