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This Isn’t Even His REALLY Pissed Face

Yesterday Wendy sent me a link to this awesome post on BuzzFeed with the most hilarious photos of half-shaved animals and suggested that I shave my dog Lucca. I would never do that to my own animal; however, I will laugh at it being done to others. This guy is my favorite, but check out the others here. Keep reading »

Poll: Are Guys Who Love Cats Awesome Or Total Wusses?

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OMG! What’s Got This Cat So Shocked?

With all the shenanigans going down this week, it’s hard to say what has this kitty all crazy-eyed. Could it be the Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush breakup? The first look at an inevitable Michelle McGee sex tape? Crocs for cats? We may never know. Keep reading »

Girl Talk: Getting A Dog Changed Our Relationship More Than Moving In Together

A year into our relationship, I knew Michael was about to pop the question. After all, we were crazy about each other, lived together, and made a great team despite our many differences. Now it was just time to make our union official.

“Babe,” he finally said one day. “Are you ready to get a dog together?”

I practically squealed with delight. Yes, I was an unabashed “dog person,” the type who regularly accosts cute canines on the street. But my real excitement was about getting a dog with Michael. In my eyes, our future pup would be a sort living, breathing, slobbering symbol of our intention to build a life together. Keep reading »

The Soho Grand Hotel Offers Guests Companionship

True, the hospitality industry is a competitive one, but what could upscale hotels possibly think of next to one-up each other’s luxury amenities? The Wynn in Vegas just opened up a “booty parlor,” the Miami Ritz-Carlton offers guests a “tanning butler,” and Chicago’s Sax Hotel will make you feel like a celeb, by customizing your stay to mimic that of a demanding celeb (like J. Lo or Ari Gold) with the “Celebrity Rider Package.”

As a sophisticated hotel on top of its game, the Soho Grand in New York City offers guests a number of unique “signature services,” including bikes to take around town and an iPod loaner program, and the very unique service of companionship … Keep reading »

A Litter Box For Cool Cats

Cats would be the perfect house pets if you could just train them to do their business like dogs. Or people.

Because if you’re a cat owner, you know that dealing with the litter box is everyone’s least favorite chore. Not to mention how those ugly things completely mess up your bathroom decor. For the design-happy, there’s the colorful ModKat litter box, a sleek contraption for Whiskers’ wee-wee time. Cats enter through the hole on the top (they’ll get used to it) and take their time inside the box. The perforated roof catches excess litter from kitty’s feet to eliminate mess. You’ll also save on plastic bags, thanks to the reusable tarpaulin liner. Kind of makes your toilet look lame in comparison, huh?

[$180.00 A+R]

Twitter Has Officially Gone To The Dogs

Attention, dog lovers! Mattel is introducing a gizmo called “Puppy Tweets,” its first-ever toy created for our four-legged friends And it’s exactly what you think it is—well, mostly, according to CNN Money. “Puppy Tweets is a plastic tag with a sound and motion sensor that you attach to your pet’s dog collar and connect its USB receiver to your computer. Then you create a Twitter account for your dog and enjoy updates all day … ” The sensor picks up on what your dog is doing and sends out activity-corresponding tweets like “I finally caught that tail I’ve been chasing and … OOUUUCHH!” while playing, “some days it feels like my paw is permanently on the snooze button!” during nap time, and “YAHOOOOOOO! Some days you just gotta get your bark on,” while woofing their head off. Curious, yet? Well, check it out in stores this fall (it’ll cost $29.99). Please, please, please don’t let Paris Hilton and her 98284923123 chihuahuas get a hold of this… [Um, am I alone in being seriously freaked out by this gadget!? -- Editor] [CNN Money via Red Riley] Keep reading »

The Best Way To Humiliate Both Yourself And Your Pet

Anyone who happens to own a dog and live in a concrete jungle knows there are certain challenges the urban environment presents. Without a yard, it’s hard to simply let a dog be a dog, and especially for childless 20- and 30-somethings, the animal can often become a surrogate child. In this situation, as detailed in this week’s New York cover story, we tend to project questionable human qualities on our four-legged companions. But nowhere is this potential misstep more disturbingly reflected than in the new Pup-to-go, which is basically an outward-facing baby carrier marketed for canine owners. (And let’s reiterate canine here, because there is no way a cat would stand for this brand of humiliation.) While some city dwellers insist this is a great solution to toting small dogs around, we have to say, there is a fine line folks, and if you’re carrying your dog in a “pupoose,” you have totally, irrevocably crossed it. [Daily Mail] Keep reading »

The Catorialist: Kitties Got Mad Street Style

It was only a matter of time! As you may have guessed, The Catorialist is a street style blog … all about cats (and a parody of The Sartorialist, obviously). Pretty photos of kitties with Sartorialist-inspired captions like, “On the street … Full tortoise, Chinatown, LA,” “The model … Bowery, NYC” and “On the street … Milan.” Truly hilarious, not to mention a nice little wake-up call for those of us who get a tad too serious about fashion, you must check it out. Like, now. [The Catorialist] Keep reading »

Nicky Hilton Frees Casey Johnson’s Dogs From Tila Tequila

The battle between Tila Tequila and the others in Casey Johnson’s life wages on. Yesterday, Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips—after a private memorial at Nicky’s house for friends and family—rolled by Tila‘s home to get Casey‘s two dogs, who Tila had kept in a bathroom since Monday, as well as some of the personal possessions of Casey’s that Tila had taken from her house. Of course, this didn’t go over well and Tila called the cops. The officers acted as mediators, and Tila got emotional as Nicky and Casey rolled out a rack of clothes and took the pups and their gear. “They don’t care about the dogs,” said Tila. “They are putting them to sleep to bury with Casey.” Nicky didn’t justify this ludicrous statement with anything more than a “no.” I bet she drops them off with Paris, who already has 18 dogs that live in an air-conditioned mini-mansion in her backyard. At that point, what’s two more? [E! Online]

UPDATE: And now there’s video! Check it out, after the jump… Keep reading »

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