peter orszag

Did Obama’s Budget Guru Leave His Preggo Girlfriend For A News Anchor?

The Obama White House is notoriously crush-worthy. I will fully fess up to having crushed on I-can-dunk-and-assist-the-president Reggie Love and wordsmith hottie Jon Favreau. I’ve also always been into Peter Orszag, director of the Office of Management and Budget. He’s distinguished, handsome, good with numbers, and very powerful—I’ve even suggested that Jennifer Aniston and ElinMore »

Hollywood Ladies + Obama Staffers = Romance?

If you’ve ever watched “Rock of Love,” you’re well aware that dating a rock star is passe. Ditto for athletes—who wants a dude whose bicep measurement is bigger than his IQ? No, there’s a new type of guy to lust after—Washington politicos. The Obama administration is ushering in a new throng of young, brilliant, and… More »