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Meet Sunny. He’s not my kitten, but he’s staying with me for a little while — my little furry eight-week-old Hurricane Sandy refugee (he is presently chasing his tail). As much as I’d love to, I can’t keep Sunny, because I already have two cats of my own, and my boyfriend will murder me if I try to move another animal into our apartment. But Sunny is a temporary addition — I’m fostering this little babe until he gets permanently adopted.

Thankfully, it looks like Rachel’s mom is going to take Sunny (Rachel is noodling naming him Jordan Catalano, on account of his guyliner eyes), so he’ll have what shelters call a “forever home.” But there are still, and always will be, stray and abandoned animals that need help. Which is why I love fostering — I can make a positive, longterm affect on an animal’s life. Keep reading »

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