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Astrology 101: Decoding Your Sign’s Personal Creed

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If you wanted to get a good understanding of your zodiac sign, you could look up a list of personality traits, find out which celebrities share your sign, learn about your element, or just ask an astrology-obsessed friend to give you the lowdown. We’re big fans of all of these options, but here’s a little-known fact: one of the best–and simplest–ways to understand your sign is to learn your creed.

What is this creed we speak of? Well, each sign has a specific creed that represents what’s most important to them, how they function in the world, and their philosophy on life. This creed is a deeply rooted way of being; it sums up who we are. Even though the traits of each sign manifest differently in each person, your creed can be seen as a common thread that links you together with the other members of your zodiac sign. Ready to find out yours? Here we go… Keep reading »

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