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Justin Bieber’s topless dick grab lives on, while the Game’s #EggplantFriday disappeared very quickly. 

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Unfortunately, a lot of YouTube videos might have you believe you do. More »

Note that the picture above is not the man who got a penile implant, but noted actor Jon Hamm taking his weiner for a walk. You’re welcome. More »

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Penis. Penis. Penis. PEN-IS. It’s never not funny. More »

Following Justin Bieber’s exposure incident,  the DIY dildo maker “Clone-A-Willy”,  has offered the Biebs $1 million to advertise its product.

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Despite many folks being delighted (all of us at The Frisky, hello?) with Bieber’s recently released dick pics, The Bieb himself isn’t satisfied.

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7 Simple Ways To Tell A Girl That You Don’t Have A Penis
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Good Lord, Justin Bieber Has A Really Beautiful Penis
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