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A Response To The Dude Who Wrote An Entire Piece About How Huge His Penis Is

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Hello, Larry Hardin. That’s a very clever pen name, by the way. I hope you like mine as well. It was chosen specifically for this occasion. SO. I read your piece on Thought Catalogue about the 5 Best Compliments Your Dick Has Ever Gotten and wow, is your penis really 11 inches long? OK. And you’re not a porn star because? Oh, never mind. I have a few honest thoughts, feelings and concerns I feel I must share with you. You know, from a female perspective. Because I don’t want you to go through life harboring any more delusions about your HUGE DICK or your abilities in the sack. The truth is: A confident man doesn’t need cock stroking. He knows he has a nice one and we know he knows. Hate to burst your hard on but the only time I’ve ever given a man’s dick a compliment was when he was clearly insecure about his and I wanted to big him up, if you will. Below, you will see that I’ve highlighted a few more points of contention from your piece of cockbraggery and responded in kind. I truly hope this helps. Keep reading »

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