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Quickies!: Pegged Jeans Are Cruel Fashion Joke

Pegged jeans are a cruel fashion joke. [Shine] Do you use your period as an excuse to get out of doing things? [Shine] Mattel is releasing a limited edition Barbie set of Elvis and Priscilla Presley. [Popbytes] Get the scoop on Adderall, the little peach pills invading college campuses.
By: Annika Harris / August 14, 2008

Quick Pic: Katie Holmes Is Just Like US!

In that she goes on a trip for work/vacation and only brings one pair of jeans. Above is Katie in a pair of cuffed and pegged baggy blues, on four separate days, in six totally different outfits. Trend alert! [New York City, 7/31/08-8/6/08]…
By: The Frisky / August 7, 2008