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John Grisham Cries For All The 60-Something White Men In Prison For Looking At Child Porn [UPDATED]

“We have prisons now filled with guys my age. Sixty-year-old white men in prison who’ve never harmed anybody, would never touch a child. But they got online one night and started surfing around, probably had too much to drink or whatever, and pushed the wrong buttons, went too far and got into child porn.”

Writer John Grisham is fighting the good fight, defending hapless, white, middle-aged drunks who totally accidentally they swear downloaded child porn and found themselves locked up in the clink in an interview with the Telegraph. The issue is a personal one for Grisham, who has a friend who fell victim to the justice system’s crackdown on innocent men jerking it to kiddie porn: Keep reading »

Stupid Moves Guys Have Made In The Name Of Sex

In general, sex makes people stupid — why else would anyone get it on with a complete stranger and not bother with protection? But there must be something in the water these days, because lately people are acting especially idiotic about intercourse.

  • A 31-year-old sex-offender in Arizona posed as a 12-year-old to enroll in several schools. Apparently this guy looks really young for his age, because he pulled off this stunt for two years. Neil Havens Rodreick II was sentenced to 70.5 years in prison yesterday. [AP]
  • A commercial helicopter pilot who joined the mile high club while he was the pilot has lost his flying license. David Keith Martz was videotaped in a sex act (with an adult film actress) while flying over San Diego in 2005, and the video hit the internet last year. Martz will be able to reapply for his license next year. [SignOnSanDiego.com]
  • A 15-year New York Police Department veteran who tested positive for cocaine in 2006 isn’t getting his job back even though he swears he didn’t do the drug. Jon Goldin sued last year after a NY state appeals court rejected the NYPD’s use of hair to test cops for illegal drug use. His lawsuit said the positive test was a result of “passive ingestion” from performing oral sex on his then-girlfriend, who later admitted to Goldin that she was a regular cocaine user. We don’t understand how cocaine could go from his girlfriend’s privates to his body unless she had sprinkled a white powder down her drawers. [NY Daily News]
  • Keep reading »

    Pedophiles Will Soon Be Forbidden From Serving Ice Cream

    Whenever I hear the sound of an ice cream truck rolling down the street, I think, Wow, if I were a pedophile, driving an ice cream truck would be a genius way for me to get in with the kiddies! and it seems lawmakers are having similar thoughts. Last summer, a convicted sex predator was found to be driving an ice cream truck in San Bernardino County, CA. Now, they’re planning to draft an ordinance that would prevent that from happening, and similar laws are in the works in Massachusetts and New York. Rapid City, SD will require ice cream vendors to undergo criminal background checks. The ACLU has warned groups against going overboard in their prosecution of sex offenders, but shouldn’t little kids be able to get ice cream without first getting groped? [AHN] Keep reading »

    Bad Date Hall Of Fame: The Drunk Dirty Talker

    Bad dates suck. But let’s face it, after a certain length of time, they can be pretty funny in retrospect. In honor of the grand tradition of laughing uproariously at disastrous dates, we’re taking submissions for The Bad Date Hall Of Fame. Send yours to tips@thefrisky.com – and if we publish yours, we’ll send you a pair of Frisky underpants. After the jump, a bad date shows up wasted, doesn’t pay for his BLT-dinner, and engages in weird pedophile dirty talk. Keep reading »

    Tampa Teachers Get Punished

    In the past two weeks alone, three female teachers in Tampa, FL, have been arrested for having sex with their students — sadly proving even women can be totally perverted pedophiles. The first bust was a 28-year-old middle school math teacher, Stephanie Regusa, who added a 14-year-old boy, divided his legs, then got herself subtracted from society when police arrested her after they monitored her phone calls to him. Then, the authorities caught 45-year-old Mary Jo Spack, a high school honors English teacher who bought booze to lure a bunch of students to a private motel room where she was overheard raping a boy in the shower. Finally, a third substitute teacher and married mother of two, Lisa Marinelli, was arrested for having sex with a high schooler. While Marinelli bears a coincidental resemblance to crazy cougar Paula Abdul, weirder still, Tampa was also the city where Debra Lafave (pictured), the beautiful blond teacher that was caught having a relationship with her student, made headlines in 2004. So the score so far is pedophilic female teachers 4, Tampa 0. If you have a son, stay the hell away from the Sunshine State! [KNBC] Keep reading »

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