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My Feet No Longer Make Me Feel Ashamed: Why I Love The Ped-Egg

I have a bit of a foot problem. For whatever reason, despite fairly frequent pedicures, especially during the winter months (which I pay for less out of vanity and more because I friggin’ lovvvvve a salon massage chair [that does the kneeding NOT the vibrating, FYI]), my feet, while perfectly shaped (fact), are so dry, they peel. Maybe it’s because I under moisturize them, but then again, the only place I moisturize is my face, because I am low maintenance. Couple this natural dry peeling with my OCD, and you’ve got many wasted hours sitting in front of the TV, peeling off bits of my foot skin. I know this is disgusting, but there is a point to the madness of this post. I have just discovered the Ped-Egg and I am forever changed. Should they desire my services I would become their version of Jessica Simpson for Pro-Active. For serious. Keep reading »

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